What Makes This Viral 'Karen' TikTok So Sad

Most "Karen" videos make us laugh, feel righteously angry, or both. One viral TikTok posted last week by user Scott Hubbard, however, just makes us so, so, sad. Along with the caption, "My daughter witnessed a Karen for the first time," the TikTok shows a woman (probably not actually named Karen) fully ripping a staffer at what appears to be Filberto's, a Mexican fast-food restaurant, per Entrepreneur. "That's literally the easiest thing — fries, meat, cheese," she yells. "You spoon it on, I've worked fast food long enough to know."

With his daughter in the foreground, Hubbard videos the exchange. At one point, the masked-up youngster turns back to her father and says, "Why is she so angry?" Cue heartbreak, tears, and anguish from those viewers who don't have cold, dead hearts. It appears that the child has not yet had time to harden to the ways of the world, and can't understand such an extreme reaction to a presumably incorrect order.

TikTok users were quick to condemn the 'Karen'

In only the first five days, the TikTok video has garnered more than 525,000 likes and more than 3,000 shares. "The fact that even a child thinks this is childish behavior...sad," commented Hilda M. "Hopefully this prompted a discussion about how one person is supposed to treat another," Judith Pekel added. "You bet it did," Hubbard replied.

For all of the people in support of the staffer, there were still a number who noted that we "don't know the circumstances." To this, commenter Ginger Banks pointed out, "It's never justified to treat people like this."

It seems that the "Karen" in question doesn't have the tolerance to deal with the widespread staffing shortages and supply chain issues currently plaguing fast-food restaurants, as well as other eateries. Hopefully, people will remember this video the next time they want to pop off on an underpaid, overworked staffer because they don't want to be caught on video, but more importantly, because it's just wrong to go so overboard.