These November 2021 Aldi Finds Are Perfect For Friendsgiving

Whether you opt for hosting Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving this year, either way you'll need to be ready to produce a real feast. After all, it's a holiday almost entirely defined by bounty, decadence, and glorious food comas. If you don't splurge on a ridiculous amount of food, have you even really celebrated America's most original holiday?

All that said, it can add up to a lengthy bill. And it's not like you want to empty your wallet before the season of Christmas shopping, Christmas cooking, and New Year's celebrations begin to ramp up. The next two months consist of financially pacing yourself, so not breaking the bank on a turkey and an array of sides is important.

Fortunately, Aldi has you covered with this new lineup of Aldi Finds coming soon that will fill your dinner table and stomach while also leaving your wallet reasonably full. Here are a few things to look for over the coming weeks that will make you truly thankful.

Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Cheddar Biscuits

While the main proteins for your holiday feast are probably already decided, you'll likely want some kind of bread as a side. Many will invest the time in making corn bread, but Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Cheddar Biscuits provide a pre-made savory side for just $2.89 — and much less time. These cheddar, chive, and garlic biscuits are a perfect match for turkey and gravy-filled potatoes. They can be found on Aldi shelves starting November 3.

Bake Shop Mini Tarts

Even though October begins the annual pumpkin season, it doesn't end there, and you'll for sure want an offering of pumpkin pie at your Friendsgiving table. Aldi's Bake Shop Mini Tarts put a nice spin on the essential dessert with bite-sized treats that are indulgent without overdoing it. If your pumpkin pie is non-negotiable, Aldi is also offering a pecan version that's just as tasty. Each container of mini tarts will be sold for $5.49 beginning on November 3.

La Cornada Tempranillo Crianza

Wine is a must have for any good Friendsgiving, but when it comes to which wines to buy for the holiday, most usually opt for a bottle or two that fits within their budget. But with a bottle of the La Cornada Tempranillo Crianza offered by Aldi, that dilemma is gone. As the Reverse Wine Snob wrote in their review of this Spanish varietal, "How can this only cost $4.99??" Keep an eye out for it at that price starting November 10.

Appetitos Gouda or Feta Mini Puff Pastries

Feta cheese might not immediately appear as an obvious Thanksgiving flavor, however, these mini puff pastries also come stuffed with cranberry sauce, making them a most perfect pairing for your table. If you want something that feels even more autumnal, Aldi will also offer a box of gouda and caramelized onion puff pastries, both available starting November 17 for $4.99.

Sundae Shoppe Holiday Gelato Flights

If you want something beyond the normal pies and tarts for your Friendsgiving dessert table, consider Aldi's Sundae Shoppe Gelato Flight that presents a great taste of the holiday season with three festive flavors in one box. The pumpkin pie flavor is perfect for Thanksgiving and the candy cane and eggnog options are a great taste of things to come — or you could freeze them until December. Priced at $3.99 for a flight, you can stock up on a few now. Find them at Aldi beginning November 17.

Cloudcap Oregon Pinot Noir

If you feel that an American holiday should yield an American wine, Aldi provides the perfect pick with the Cloudcap Oregon Pinot Noir from 2019, priced at just $12.99 per bottle. This bold red wine pairs perfectly with meat like turkey — find it on Aldi's shelves beginning November 10. Just make sure to stock up on enough bottles for all your guests!

Specially Selected Premium Shrimp Ring

Whether used as part of the entree or an appetizer for your Friendsgiving, shrimp is a great option for part of your feast. The Specially Selected Premium Shrimp Ring offers around 20 to 22 pre-cooked shrimp for just $8.99. Head to Aldi beginning November 17 to secure one for your dinner. And don't forget the cocktail sauce!

Journey To... Greece Spanakopita

If you're looking for another tasty appetizer or a great veggie-friendly option for the non-meat eaters at your Friendsgiving feast, spanakopita is a great option. Available at Aldi beginning November 24 for just $4.29, you'll get a whole box of pre-made spanakopitas that will make a great part of your dinner.