Fans Are Annoyed By This Chick-Fil-A Fry Complaint

There's a lot to love about Chick-fil-A. Whether it's the dedicated customer service or the classic chicken sandwiches, the chain has amassed deeply devoted fans. Some people have endured hours of snow and wind just for a chance at free Chick-fil-A sandwiches for a year (via NBC New York). So it should come as no surprise that some avid fans of Chick-fil-A defend its reputation with seemingly everything they've got. And that's exactly what happened in a recent Reddit thread.

One person took to Reddit to write, "one major disappointment I experience every time I go to Chick-fil-A and Chick-Fil-A ONLY... Is that there are never any darn fries at the bottom of my bag." Another Redditor tried to give a helpful answer, writing, "my guess would be that waffle fries tend to stay put in their container and not fall out like normal fries at other fast food places." But the niceties were short-lived. Other fans seemed highly annoyed and made their annoyance known. 

Some Chick-fil-A fans reacted to the post by complaining about it

Multiple Chick-fil-A fans who responded on Reddit didn't back the gripe about fries. One commenter unloaded on the original poster, writing, "This is the most ridiculous thing to knock CFA for. They deliberately make sure that fries stay in the container so it's not messy and then there's people like you that complain about it." Someone else responded with a seemingly sarcastic remark, commenting, "I wonder what is better. Warm, hot fries in their container or cold soggy ones at the bottom of the bag."

Another Redditor was a bit more sympathetic to the complaint but nonetheless disagreed, writing, "I get what OP is saying, but yes Chik Fil A is too polished for that. It's one of those homie hookup things, just nice to have a [expletive] ton of those extra delicious fries." Even so, they thought  corporate should "strongly consider this and weigh out if the extra $ lost through extra fries is worth the rentention / customer happiness value boost." It's a good point, but the whole thing might have been a joke that didn't land. A few users, including the OP, insisted in the comments that the fry complaint was made in jest. But instead of striking an amusing tone, it apparently just hit a nerve.