This Critter Was Allegedly Found In A McDonald's Bun, And Reddit Can Relate

There are few things worse than finally getting to sit down and eat that delectable meal you picked up at the drive-thru on your way home just to realize your order was accidentally messed up. Note how we said few, because, while it's certainly no fun to find your burger dressed with something you specifically requested not get put on it, there's always the off-chance you could find something even more unpleasant on your sandwich. This, sadly, seemed to be the unfortunate fate of one Reddit user who logged on to the website earlier this week to show off an unexpected ingredient they allegedly found in their McDonald's meal that, if you ask us, is considerably less appetizing than the accidental addition of mustard or onions.

Taking to the social media platform's r/mildlyinfuriating subreddit on October 28, Redditor u/stf29 caused a bit of a stir when they announced that they had apparently found a bug baked into their McDonald's burger. The user also shared a photo of their Mickey D's meal in the post and, sure enough, cemented on the top bun of their sandwich was a small, black bug just slightly larger than the sesame seeds surrounding it.

Many other Redditors have had similar experiences

As you could probably expect, some Reddit users were grossed out by the above photo of u/stf29's buggy McDonald's burger. What's a bit unexpected, however, was how many other people on the social media platform could relate to the unfortunate incident. One user, for instance, said that their father had once found a deep-fried spider in an order of his fries, while another revealed that they had once found half of a cockroach inside a burger bun of their own. "Why half? Well, I unknowingly ate the other half all while wondering about the crunching in my mouth," the Redditor explained.

Even more surprising was how many Redditors didn't see the tiny critter – which u/EveryoneHasaSoul identified as a flour beetle – to be that big of a deal, and is even more common to find than it may seem. "I used to work in a bun and bread factory, super common pest in the industry, people eat them daily and have no idea," one person said (via Reddit).

As it turns out, the FDA allows for a certain amount of "naturally occurring, unavoidable defects" in food. And while it is certainly annoying to get a crunch in your bite that shouldn't be there, Grove Collaborative assures that ingesting a few flour beetles from time to time is completely safe, which is probably by u/stf29 said they chose to simply remove the bug and continue to enjoy their meal.