The Internet Is Losing It Over This Costco Anti-Mask Tantrum

While stores across the country have always had to deal with the odd customer or two who threw fits in public, nothing compares to the outpouring of childish behavior seen in adults during the course of the pandemic. According to The Wall Street Journal, a huge uptick of public adult temper tantrums have been documented on airlines, at stores, and at restaurants that relate back to stress caused by COVID-19. At this point, these tantrums have reached new heights, as some who get asked to wear masks in public have had explosive meltdowns aimed at those demanding they cover their face indoors, per Psychology Today. Experts believe that the stress of the pandemic causes an emotional overload in those unable to properly regulate their feelings. As a result, asking these individuals to wear a mask triggers a sense of unfairness. They also see those who ask for this basic protection as an authority figure with intent to humiliate them, causing the tantrum.

Enter a particular case from Costco. TheĀ Daily Mail reported that back in December 2020, one man in a Lantana, Florida, Costco had an eight-minute temper tantrum when asked to wear a mask indoors. In a captured video of the experience, the man lies down with his back to the floor as a local sheriff tries to remove him from the premises.

A tantrum that has social media cracking up

Redditors couldn't believe the audacity of the Costco shopper that decided to throw the tantrum. "Revoke this dudes membership. I'm sure this isn't the first time he's pulled crap like this in a store and probably won't be the last time," one user replied to the video of the incident. Meanwhile, another chimed in by saying, "I think I would go pick up several giant packs of diapers and place them next to the guy and walk off." Others couldn't get enough of the footage, replying with gems like, "He's so happy to be mommy's little patriot," and "That employee does not make enough money to deal with his crap." The same video has also steadily gained traction on Twitter, earning over 8,000 likes.

Twitter denizens responded in kind, leaving replies like "nothing to see here folks, move along move along, everything is normal with Mr. Normal," as well as "and people wonder why there's a labor shortage." Many feel for the workers that have to put up with this behavior, with one reply summing up the sentiment: "I feel bad for the workers that have to put up with this BS every day. This is exactly why ppl are leaving these jobs. I left my retail management position for exactly this kind of reason." With any luck, retail workers might hope to expect to see less of this behavior in the future, but as the pandemic continues on, plan to see a few more noteworthy tantrums based around people with a diminished ability to regulate their emotions.