Alex Guarnaschelli Shared The Most Relatable Post-Halloween Meme

Halloween has come and gone, and it is time for the best part: leftover candy. Some people wait an entire year to see YouTube videos of Jimmy Kimmel's bit about parents telling their kids that they ate all of their Halloween candy. And some parents even admit to actually stealing candy from their kids' trick-or-treat basket. According to KRQE, in a recent survey, ⅔ of parents fessed up to stealing their kid's sweets after they trick-or-treat.

From chocolates to candy corn in all its various iterations, no candy is off-limits. It is arguably the best part of a parent's Halloween unless you're only doing it to make sure you are managing your kid's candy and sweets intake (you're telling yourself that's why because it's such a great excuse). But it appears that Alex Guarnaschelli can see the humor in candy-thieving parents, and a recent Instagram post proves that in amusing fashion.

No dress-up needed for this kind of trick-or-treating

Alex Guarnaschelli recently took to her Instagram to tickle the funny bone of other parents who share in her candy stealing ways. She reposted a meme of a "monster" who you might recognize as Al Pacino portraying the charismatically ruthless Tony Montana in the 1983 film, "Scarface." But instead of being surrounded by the powdery sugar-colored substance that he's known for in the film, Montana sits before a vast pile of sugary candy. The writing on the meme says, "Parents eating their kids candy like," and Guarnaschelli added her own caption: "This made me giggle."

The post clearly resonated with parents, one of whom admitted, "This was me last night." Someone else responded by describing a scenario that sounds suspiciously like personal experience, writing, "'It's too dangerous, let Momma check it first.' *stuffs entire Twix bar down throat* Mm-hmm, yup... suspicious." Another summed up the meme perfectly, saying, "And yet so accurate!" Whatever your home situation is, one thing is clear, it is time for kids to invest in a safe and guard their hard-earned Halloween candy!