Mountain Dew's Bizarre Gingerbread Flavor Has Finally Arrived

As a company, Mountain Dew has come up with many surprises for its fans over the years. According to Thrillist, Mountain Dew has come with special flavors in the past that are specifically meant for gamers. Some of the options included Frost Bite, Sweet Lightning, Voltage, and White Out.

A Redditor expressed their love for Voltage by writing, "this was the flavor that made me love Dew. People have beer, I have Voltage." Another Reddit user was also full of praise for the product and commented, "PepsiCo captures the essence of electricity in this blue freezie inspired masterpiece." They added that the drink somehow always tends to make them feel a lot more energetic.

Per an Instagram post from the brand, Mountain Dew is back with a special new flavor for the holidays. In case you've been wondering, it's a rather unconventional gingerbread flavor that is generating strong reactions from fans.

Say hi to the Mountain Dew Gingerbread Snap'd

Well, Mountain Dew seems to be willing to experiment with flavors during the holiday season. An Instagram post from the brand mentioned that the start of the holiday season is the perfect time for the launch of their newest flavor inspired by the festivities: Gingerbread Snap'd. 

"Who the hell flavor tested this one and said. 'yup this the one boys,'" a disgusted commentator wrote on Instagram. Meanwhile, someone else wondered whether the brand was simply trying out a strange combination of ingredients to see which one would work for fans.

It's not all bad news, though. According to a reviewer, the drink is surprisingly yummy and works as a holiday special (via The Impulsive Buy). It's hard to miss out on the taste of gingerbread when you sip on the drink, by the way. Consumers will also be able to spot Mountain Dew's distinctive citrus flavor coupled with gingerbread that will remind many of a cola drink.

Per the official Mountain Dew website, Gingerbread Snap'd will only be in stores across the U.S. for a limited-time. To check where you can find it, take a look at the brand's store locator.