This Is How Adele Likes Her Tea Prepared

Anyone who's seen the "Hello" music video can easily guess Adele loves a good cup of tea. As much as her iconic music video tells a story about two lovers reconnecting, it also gives us a glimpse into how the singer-songwriter prepares her tea — or so we've been led to believe. Contrary to popular belief, those weren't Adele's hands in the video. "I didn't prepare that when I was filming it. Someone else did," she confessed to British Vogue (via YouTube). 

Off camera, however, Adele does in fact make her own tea, and she happens to have a particular way about it. "I like to brew the tea bag, add a bit of sugar, bit of milk, stir it, stir it, stir it, wring [the tea bag] out, put it wherever you want," she explained of her process to the magazine. As for her favorite brand of tea, Adele says she prefers PG Tips, but will settle for Twinings in a pinch.

Adele prefers tea over coffee

Adele definitely isn't a coffee snob. In fact, she says the coffee culture is one of the things that makes Los Angeles feel like home to her (via Vogue's YouTube channel). And on an Instagram Live (via YouTube) promoting her new album, she had it iced with almond milk. But regardless of her affinity for coffee, Adele admits she's still definitely more of a tea drinker than a coffee drinker. When asked if she had to choose one or the other, she confidently stated, "Obviously, it's tea."

Adele's good friend and talk show host Alan Carr further shared that Adele often enjoys tea with a side of biscuits as a way to wind down (according to The Sun, via Press Party). "She's always round my house, and I go round hers. We open a pack of Hobnobs, cup of tea, watch 'Four In A Bed," Carr shared with The Sun. Whether at home, with a close friend, or on tour, Adele clearly has her tea routine down to a T.