Sandra Lee Is Getting Instagram Motivated With This Toned Gym Pic

Celebrity chef and writer Sandra Lee is someone who likes to focus on her fitness goals and make sure that she's pushing herself to achieve them. According to Women's Health, Lee decided to make a few changes to her diet in a bid to become healthier. In the beginning, she focused on introducing more fruits and vegetables to her eating schedule along with other options such as eggs, soup, and sauerkraut. She also made it a point to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Additionally, she was exercising often, tweaking her workouts to make them more enjoyable. In January, she posted a selfie on Instagram. "I have actually found a way to work out and not have it be so awful..the answer is watching outtakes and past seasons of 'Friends,'" she wrote in the caption. Well, Lee is staying motivated and sticking to her fitness goals, sharing updates with her fans on social media.

She's inspiring her fans

Sandra Lee recently took to Instagram to share a photo of herself at the gym, striking an impressive pose. The chef added the caption, "yes yes yes — It's time for more of this!!! What ur exercise of choice? Cocktail time is not it!" Her followers were rather motivated and shared their own fitness tips with Lee.

An Instagram user wrote that they avoid public transportation and simply walk as much as they can in New York City. Another Lee fan agreed with this answer and wrote, "I walk most days, any where from 12-14 miles. It's good for my soul."  Other answers ranged from pilates and yoga to swimming, Zumba classes, running, and hiking. In another Instagram post, Sandra Lee wrote that she's also experimenting with intermittent fasting and tracking her steps to get closer to her goals. For her, being healthy is certainly a priority.