Burger King UK Wishes You'd Stop Requesting This Discontinued Item

It sometimes feels like fans only start to take notice of a particular burger or side when a fast-food chain takes one of its signature items off the menu. Over the years, diners have made noise about how Burger King should bring back The Angry Whopper, Fiery Chicken Fries, and even its ribs, per Watch Mojo. On the other side of the Atlantic, diners in the U.K. have had to go through a completely different set of heartbreaks related to their own Burger King chain discontinuing regional items.

One U.K. user on Reddit lamented the loss of a particular burger in a dedicated post, titled "The Burger King 'Double Mushroom Swiss' — Sadly discontinued here in the U.K. about 20 years ago." Despite having been absent from menus for over two decades, fans still wait patiently for the possible return of this item and have bugged their local Burger Kings about it for years. This prompted Burger King U.K. to tweet, "POV: every time you ask us when the Mushroom Double Swiss is coming back." The post caused one Twitter user to even remember the last time they had this sandwich. "Had one at Saigon airport a few years back. So good. I miss them," they commented.

A burger worth remembering

Fans across the internet have yet to give up on the Double Mushroom Swiss. A Facebook account tirelessly tries to get U.K. Burger Kings to carry it again. However, some have given up on forcing the fast-food chain to carry the sandwich, instead opting to recreate the Mushroom Double Swiss burger at home (via Sprinkles and Sprouts). If you really have a hankering for this item, get ready to potentially travel around the world to grab one. Burger Kings in Singapore still carry the Double Mushroom Swiss, featuring two beef patties and the restaurant's special mushroom sauce.

If you can't stand living without this item, get ready to pack your bags and head to Singapore or try making the burger at home. Otherwise, you probably won't have much luck convincing Burger King U.K. to bring back this fan favorite anytime soon. Just don't bug the chain about it anymore — they have firmly let U.K. fast-food-goers know how they feel about the return of the burger.