Costco Shoppers Shared These Helpful Alternatives To Using Boxes

Costco is a go-to option for many consumers who want to pick up several types of products in a single shopping trip. According to Eat This, Not That, the in-house brand at Costco, Kirkland Signature, is definitely worth exploring. These products are often produced in the same locations as other expensive brands, but offer a good value to shoppers because they're relatively affordable. Even Oprah Winfrey enjoys shopping at Costco. She mentioned the brand on her show and praised it for being it such a great shopping option (via YouTube).

However, buying lots of groceries in one go can be fairly tricky. You need to be able to transport many items at once. Well, Costco fans on Reddit are trying to make the most of their shopping trips and have some tips for other shoppers. A Redditor recently wrote about a handy shopping option at Costco, offering a great alternative to traditional boxes for storing products purchased from the store. Other commentators enthusiastically chimed in with their suggestions.  

Baskets are a good alternative

The Redditor in question revealed that they prefer using baskets instead of boxes for groceries because it is far too inconvenient to use small boxes to transport everything back into the house. Boxes can also make this a rather time-consuming process. Meanwhile, another Reddit user wrote, "I keep the collapsible crates Costco sells in the back of my car. That's what I use for all my shopping trips." They added that this trick makes it a lot easier to bring stuff back into their home.

A commentator also recommended using bags from IKEA for this purpose. Another Redditor added, "I use a trunk organizer that I got as a company holiday gift one year. Saves me from using a lot of plastic bags when I go to the grocery, too." Good for the environment, right? One Reddit user noted that they reckon that laundry boxes are underrated and can work well in several situations. Meanwhile, an innovative commentator mentioned that they stick to a wagon for storing purchases from Costco.