The 2 Fast Food Chains Andrew Zimmern Likes To Eat At - Exclusive

Andrew Zimmern's adventurous appetite enthralled fans of the Travel Channel's "Bizarre Foods" for more than a dozen years, as the fearless foodie traversed the planet, dining on everything from fried tarantulas to grilled udders (per The Travel). But, surely, man can't live on cow udders alone. Maybe you're wondering: Does Zimmern ever just grab some fries or a milkshake like an ordinary person?

In fact, he does — although, it's not his first choice. In an exclusive interview with Mashed, the culinary star admitted that, sometimes, he does do a drive-thru, when it's his only option. "Frequently making TV, we will roll into a small town somewhere, and there is no other food option [than fast food], unless I want to microwave a pizza in the rec room of the hotel, which I definitely do not," he shared. So, which fast foods are Zimmern's faves? "I will tell you a couple that I prefer over others. I'm big on Popeyes, I'm big on Culver's," he shared. "Those are the two that I will ... sort of pull over if we're driving down the highway and my kid is like, 'We've got to eat, Dad.'"

These are Andrew Zimmern's favorite things to eat at Popeyes and Culver's

If you were expecting Andrew Zimmern to choose one of the more exotic options on the menu at Culver's or Popeyes — like the latter's Fizzy Pop Chicken available in Singapore — you might be disappointed. The cooking show celeb is a fan of some of the chains' most popular eats. "[At] Popeyes, I do dark quarters, a couple of thighs, a couple legs. Their coleslaw, I think, is fantastic," Zimmern said. "And if they have the chicken sandwich there, and it's lunch, I'll go with that. I think it's really, really yummy." When at Culver's, he revealed, "I'm a double plain butter burger [guy] ... They have great coleslaw too, by the way," he added. "I guess I'm a real coleslaw lover!"

When at Culver's, Zimmern also always saves room for dessert. "I always get one of their concretes," he explained. "They're famous for their custard. ... Which is never frozen. It's constantly coming out of the machine and it's a very thick, luscious, French-style ice cream that is just beyond fantastic."

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