TikTok Is Loving This Child's Adorable Gordon Ramsay Opinion

Kid's can say just the cutest things. This should come as no surprise to Gordon Ramsay, father of 5 and host and executive producer of "MasterChef Junior" (via IMDB). Yet even with this widespread experience with kids, there is always something new that can make even this most hot-tempered chef smile. In this case, that something new is young Brody in an absolutely adorable TikTok video.

In a sweet video by the account citygirlgonemom, young Brody poses with their dad in a quick Q&A captioned, "Gordon Ramsay for the win!" (via TikTok). In the original video a smiling dad asks Brody who cooks better — mommy or daddy — to which Brody wittingly replies, "Umm Gordon Ramsay." Despite dad's best efforts to win this argument, Brody isn't done. Sharing some adoration for Ramsay, Brody continues, "He's so sassy. And he's so gorgeous." The commentary is complete with this young child's over the top hand gestures and fantastic shirt that reads, "You're so gorgeous and fancy" below a small rainbow. Fan monibobi shares, "I fall in love with Brody more and more!" A sentiment to which the account owner replies heart-filled emojis, "Thanks mama."

Upon seeing this heartwarming video fans immediately begged Ramsay to duet this TikTok — and were well-rewarded when Ramsay did just that.

Gordon Ramsay was 'honoured' by Brody's admiration

Ramsay shared a duet of the video on TikTok shortly after fans help it take off and appeared surprised, amused, and touched by the sweet musings of little Brody. Beyond just enjoying the sweet and playful smiles and toussled curls of the young fan, Ramsay clearly agrees with the assessment captioning his own video, "Honoured to be the best cook ! And yes I am sassy....just ask @tillyramsay!" (via TikTok).

Fans were quick to note that Ramsay's notorious temper is never in play when it comes to kids. Kingtsonmailo shared, "Gordon Ramsay to adults: No!! Gordon Ramsay to kids: It's ok don't cry," Other fans agreed that Brody is doing no more than "stating facts." Fan Austin Raph goes so far as to say, "If my child doesn't answer the same way I'm giving them back."

Clearly the digital world can't get enough of either Brody or Chef Ramsay. For fans who need more, Brody and the rest of the family have plenty of additional sassy videos shared on TikTok. And, if we had to guess, we bet the Ramsays will be checking out these sweet clips, too.