Mars Isn't Making This Popular Advent Calendar This Year

For a fourth year in a row, Mars has made headlines in the United Kingdom with its Celebrations Advent Calendar. This year it is because the company told The Sun that the advent calendar will not be available. Celebrations is a brand of miniature Mars chocolate bars and it's proven to be very popular over the years. As of writing, though, the company has not explained the decision behind the product's cessation. However, both the Maltesers Advent Calendar and the Galaxy Advent Calendar are being sold in supermarkets across the country. 

Wales Online adds that fans of Celebrations can still stuff themselves with miniature Twix, Snickers, and Bounty by buying tubs and boxes of the chocolates. However, as Bollywood Inside noted, the Bounty bars are a controversial chocolate offering that divides the fanbase. Theoretically, though, you could take the chocolates in the tub and make your own advent calendar with the specific chocolates spaced to your personal preference. Such power, as you shall see, is something for which many might wish.

Why Mars' past advent calendars sparked controversy

The other years that the Celebrations Advent Calendar made the news was because people were upset with the composition of the advent calendar. Specifically, they were upset with the placement of the Bounty bars.

For those not in the know, Bounty is a coconut-filled chocolate bar, a pairing which really divides people. The people who don't like Bounty, however, accept that a karmic balance will be struck in the advent calendar. They'll suffer through the bad days to get to the good stuff. So when, as the Mirror reported in 2020 that the first four days of the calendar contained Bounty bars, people were furious. Moreover, in 2018 and 2019, whoever designed the calendar decided that Bounty should hide behind the first door as well. This begins the Christmas experience with a candy bar that many people don't like, thus "ruining" Christmas.

The bright side of the Celebrations Advent Calendar being canceled, then, is that you can curate an advent-like experience without the horrors of coconut filling dampening your joy.