Costco Employees Are Begging You To Stop Filming The Deli

Just because you can do something, doesn't mean that you should. This has become an issue recently at the Costco deli, where customers regularly photograph and record the workers behind the counter — and they are none to pleased about it. In a Reddit post titled, "Don't take pictures of us working in the deli," user @stainedgreenberet laments the lack of privacy while doing his job, noting that this invasion happens at least once per week in the deli prep area. "We are not monkeys at the zoo. We are not a roadside attraction," the original poster furthers. "We are human beings making a living and trying to make you a happy member. But please, for the love of god and all that is holy don't do it."

Unfortunately, this documentation occurs in other parts of Costco as well. "Happens in the bakery, too," notes one person. Another fellow bakery employee concurs, noting that, "I saw a guy filming one of our decorators and panning around to everyone else working."

Granted, the Costco bakery and deli areas are pretty impressive, so it's only natural to want to record the action. But, if the Reddit thread is any indication, it's probably not a good idea and infringes on the privacy of the people just trying to do their jobs.

Reddit users pinpoint social media platforms like TikTok for making unwanted videos okay

If you're wondering why people feel the need and right to photograph employees simply doing their jobs, Reddit user @lejunny has a theory, thinking that social media channels like TikTok play a big part. "Everybody thinks it's ok to start recording any random person whenever they want, no respect," they say in the thread. Another person says the issue isn't limited to social media, however. "Hop on YouTube, you'll find videos as well. Creepy."

Another Redditor tries to rationalize it in a more positive way, saying, "Maybe it's not so much as monkeys in the zoo, but more like they want to see how the magic is made?"

Whatever the intention, Costco is a public place, so — right or wrong — it means that people can photo and video almost anything in communal spaces and not get in trouble for it. The only way that would change is if Costco altered its store policy altogether. Although, there are almost certainly some deli and bakery workers out there who don't mind the attention, though it does seem to bother a pretty significant amount of people as seen on Reddit. So, in the future, asking first is a good way to go about it.