The Classic Thanksgiving Side Andrew Zimmern Makes Just Like His Grandma

Fans of chef and television host Andrew Zimmern might know him from his Travel Channel show, "Bizarre Foods," on which he's eaten shiver-inducing items ranging from coconut grubs to fermented shark meat. However, the avid gourmand is just as renowned for his soulful home cooking that often features recipes he learned from his family. Zimmern's favorite roast chicken recipe, for example, is based on his grandmother's technique.

When it comes to Thanksgiving, many of us also rely on family recipes, whether we're following a cousin's tried-and-true cranberry sauce or a dear aunt's trusted pumpkin pie. These are the recipes that get passed down through the generations, getting little tweaks each holiday season depending on what ingredients are available or who's at the table that year. Zimmern does just that, once again turning to his grandma when making a Thanksgiving side dish that hews closely to her recipe. Here's how the offering stands out.

Chestnut-loaded stuffing graces Zimmern's Thanksgiving table

Zimmern maintains an active Instagram account where he shares recipes for drool-inducing recipes, ranging from spicy and sweet tater tots to rigatoni carbonara. Over the past few days, the chef has started posting some Thanksgiving-appropriate dishes, including one family favorite that's inspired by his grandmother.

In a recent November post, Zimmern wrote, "I make my stuffing the same way my grandmother did, with roasted chestnuts and plenty of fresh herbs." That very stuffing recipe can be found on Zimmern's website, and it seems to boast plenty of flavors thanks to ingredients including onion, celery, and butter. Another family secret? Zimmern adds in minced livers straight from the turkey, which likely brings richness, meatiness, and a certain je ne sais quoi to the finished dressing. Whether cooked directly inside the turkey or piled into a casserole dish, this fragrant stuffing just might become a family tradition in our homes, too.