Why Taco Bell Changed Its Slogan

If you've been a fan of Taco Bell for a while, you may be aware that the Mexican-inspired fast-food chain has changed its slogan from time to time. In fact, since 1978, the company has had seven different tag lines attached to its brand, according to Slogans Wiki. Most were short-lived. "It's just made for you," "Hello Taco Bell," and "What a Difference!" only lasted for two years each before being replaced. Others had longer stints. "Run for the Border," for example, was used for about six years from 1988 through 1994 before being decommissioned.

But in 2012, Taco Bell's longest-standing slogan, "Think Outside the Bun," was replaced by the current, "Live Mas." It was a confusing move for some after the former had graced commercials and packaging for over 10 years. So why did the chain decide to change it up? The choice wasn't random. Instead, it was a strategic move that helped bring the company into a new era. Keep reading for the inside scoop on why Taco Bell chose to change its slogan.

Taco Bell wanted to project a more upscale image

According to reports from Insider, the Mexican-inspired chain wanted to change its slogan as part of its efforts to make the brand more upscale. "Mas," meaning "more" in Spanish, helped solidify the company's obvious ties to the food's heritage. A spokesperson for Taco Bell told Ad Age the new slogan was supposed to replace the idea of food as fuel to food as an experience. Rather than grabbing a quick bite at a drive-thru, you were embarking on an event.

The brand started testing its "Cantina Bell" menu the same year, offering diners more upscale food choices, with fresher ingredients and varied options (via Consumerist). Nine years later, we can see how the strategies worked hand-in-hand to launch the Cantina Bell restaurants. Now they have alcohol, touch screen menus, and tapas-style food options, according to Eat This, Not That! While "Think outside the Bun" was iconic, the slogan needed to change in order for the brand to evolve.