What Fans Would Like To See McDonald's Change About Its Sides

McDonald's might be a world-famous burger chain, but real fans know it is the french fries that help set it apart from the competition. While rival burger chains like Burger King and Wendy's also offer the classic burger-and-fries combo, none of them seem to hit the spot quite like a batch of french fries fresh from the fryer at McDonald's. And it turns out, that is not by accident. According to Foodbeast, McDonald's fries are cooked in a special hydrolyzed milk and hydrolyzed wheat oil blend, which gives them an extra savory, meaty kick. Add in that perfect blend of salt, sugar, and fat, and McDonald's has the recipe for mouth-wateringly delicious french fries.

However, even with all the love that McDonald's fries seem to get, there are still some customers that need more than fries on the side. That doesn't mean they aren't crispy and delicious, but there is very little variety on the burger chain's sides menu. However good they may taste, the only sides McDonald's currently offers are its famous french fries or an alternative of apple slices (via the McDonald's website), and recently, some fans have found the sides a bit underwhelming.

McDonald's fans wish the chain would offer a greater selection of sides

One frustrated McDonald's fan even made a post on Reddit complaining about the chain's limited side selection. "McDonald's sides: Their World Famous Fries ... and Apple Slices — made from real apples. McD's needs a much greater selection of sides," u/BlankVerse posted, adding "I almost always get a side with my Fast Food orders ... But I'm not a fan of french fries. Nor apple slices." This resonated with fellow Mcdonald's fans, who said that if they could change one thing about the side selection, it would be to add a little more variety to the mix. "Agreed like why can KFC still roll with baked beans, cole slaw, green beans but McD and other burger chains stick with fries only. Can't we have more options?" wondered u/pacmanic. "Sometimes I wish they bring in sweet potato fries," lamented another user.

However, one self-identified McDonald's employee warned customers to be careful what they wished for. "We introduce sides all the time. Every side we introduce reduced the quality of all the other sides ... The more items we add the more choice the customer has but that in turn means we are holding more and more products for longer as they are not selling quick enough. This reduces the quality of said item," cautioned u/united0002. So although one can understand McDonald's fans wish for greater variety, the quality just might trump quantity when it comes to the chain's priorities.