The Reason Ronald McDonald Has A Different Name In Japan

Even though most McDonald's restaurants in the U.S. are pretty much the same, the chain takes on some different appearances in other countries. Probably the best-known example of this is how McDonald's is called Maccas in Australia.

The name change isn't the only thing different about Maccas. According to Insider, Maccas offers table service in addition to kiosks, and the McCafe is comparable to Starbucks both in price and in quality. (The McCafe actually originated in Australia in 1993!)

The McDonald's in other countries also offer different menu items. For instance, McDonald's in Egypt offers a McFalafel and uses chicken patties instead of beef patties, notes The Travel Almanac. McDonald's in India offers a vast selection of vegetarian items and street food to cater to a primarily vegetarian population, per BBC News.

Menu changes make a lot of sense. But Ronald McDonald having a totally different name in Japan? As it turns out, there is a really good reason for the mascot's moniker.

Ronald McDonald gets a new nickname in Japan

In Japan, Ronald McDonald goes by the name Donald McDonald, or in Japanese, Donarudo Makudonarudo. Why the change in name? Simple. According to Gaku-Sha (via Kotaku), the sounds required to say Ronald McDonald in Japanese are difficult to say in quick succession. Changing the name of the McDonald's mascot makes it both easier to say and more pleasing to hear in Japanese.

Like many other countries, Japan didn't just stop there with the adaptations. To keep up with local demand, Japanese McDonald's offers a Teriyaki McBurger and a McPork, Delishably notes. Serving sizes are also much smaller than those we see in the U.S.

If you're feeling like you need a vacation, book a flight and join Donald McDonald in Japan. Try the Shrimp Filet or German Sausage Chicken Sandwich, with chocolate fries or a pineapple pie for dessert. Sit back, stay awhile. Embrace the Japanese twist on an American favorite.