Gordon Ramsay Gave Robert Hesse This Life Saving Advice On Hell's Kitchen

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is known for being his unapologetic self on camera. As per The Things, one of his most successful shows of all time is "Hell's Kitchen." The show does have a winning formula: Talented chefs try to outdo each other to bag a gig at an eatery run by Ramsay himself. 

Ramsay is particular about including those who can genuinely come up with impressive dishes in the kitchen. He told Entertainment Weekly, "The biggest problem from a chef point of view is everybody thinks they can cook because they hosted a dinner party." For the chef, it's interesting to work with participants who can demonstrate that they're truly passionate about cooking and can survive in a competitive world.

Some "Hell's Kitchen" contestants have truly benefited from being featured on the show. For chef Robert Hesse, the show was a huge deal. He told Guilty Eats that the show gave him a platform to interact with numerous fans around the world and also gave him access to several unusual opportunities in the culinary world. For example, he got a chance to work as an executive chef at the Playboy mansion in Los Angeles. He added that these experiences helped start his own restaurant business. Also, being around Ramsay changed Hesse in more ways than one.

Gordon Ramsay motivated Robert Hesse in a big way

According to Guilty Eats, Robert Hesse was dealing with serious health issues during his several appearances on "Hell's Kitchen." In fact, he even suffered heart attacks as a participant, something that affected his performance on the show. The chef mentioned that none of his heart attacks were "scripted." Hesse was quoted as saying, "...it [the show] boosted my spirit to go ahead and take heed of what Gordon Ramsay said when I left: To get healthy because I would be an unstoppable force in this business.."

Hesse is a determined man. He followed Ramsay's advice and worked on becoming healthier. His fans were impressed by his hard work. A Redditor wrote, "Glad to see he seems to have gotten on top of his health." Another fan added that he seemed a lot happier after turning his life around. 

Plus, as per Guilty Eats, Ramsay advised Hesse to prioritize his customers. He said, "One of the greatest lines of advice that Gordon Ramsay ever gave me, is the way I feel about my customers today: I can only see further because I stand on the shoulders of giants; my company, my craft is nothing without them and their patronage."