Good New For Fans Of Coca-Cola's Iconic Santa Claus

Many people incorrectly assume that Coca-Cola designed the modern image of Santa Claus. While the association between Santa and Coke remains strong to this day (according to The Guardian, the soda company started using Santa to promote their drink starting in 1933) — the iconic Saint Nick dressed in red actually stretches back to the 19th century. In fact, many believe that the iconic character as we know him today was solidified in the 1870s by cartoonist Thomas Nast. 

But even if Coca-Cola didn't create the modern image of Santa, they did get the chance to associate the winter holidays with their soda, thanks to decades of their extensive advertising campaigns featuring Santa brandishing a bottle of Coke. But the company is doing something a little different with Santa for the 2021 holidays, and it's sure to make kids smile during these unprecedented times.

Due to COVID-19, you might not see too many children sitting on the laps of mall Santas, which inspired the latest promotion from Coca-Cola. According to a press release by the brand, Coke aims to keep the spirit of the holidays alive by launching multiple opportunities to interact with Santa.

Coca-Cola is offering a new way to celebrate with Santa during the pandemic

From now until November 16, families can request a personalized video from Santa via the Coca-Cola website. Kris Kringle can greet your family in English, Spanish, or French to capture the spirit of the holidays.

But if you miss the deadline to request a personalized video from Santa (or would like a different option to usher in the festive season), Coke still has something in store for you. According to Coca-Cola's press release, Coke and Cameo plan to host a virtual event on December 1 where Santa will reveal a short film sponsored by Coke, featuring the appearance of a handful of celebrities. But even more exciting is the fact that the soda company then plans to take Santa on tour through the U.S., where the character rides in a Christmas-themed red truck covered in lights and makes stops through the U.S. to take (free!) photos with kids and families along the way.

Even if your holiday this year looks a bit different, it doesn't have to go without an appearance from Santa — and these promotions definitely have potential to spread a bit of holiday cheer. If you love the idea of meeting up with the big man in red himself in front of a traveling Christmas truck, or want a personalized video, make sure to get a move on and take advantage of this promotion soon.