The Internet Is Obsessed With Bethenny Frankel's Cooking Tutorial

Jarret Wieselman, a manager at Netflix, shared on Twitter a gem he found on TikTok. "I'm hypnotized by Bethenny Frankel posting this step-by-step video of how to make... Trader Joe's Cauliflower Gnocchi," he wrote. He added an emphasis gap before stating, "And yes, she does start by explaining how to BOIL WATER."

After watching the video on TikTok, it's not clear whether or not the video is an incredibly deadpan parody of cooking tutorials. "I know, I know," she writes as a disclaimer. "This isn't exactly riveting cuisine, but it's one of my favorites and Paul who hates vegetables loves it too." But it really should be noted here that Trader Joe's cauliflower gnocchi comes with cooking instructions on the packet. So the tutorial's superfluous.

As the video proceeds, Frankel shows off how she has a pot filler and proceeds to accidentally spray water all over her stove. Then, she explains that you need a lot of salt because it will enter the gnocchi, but you can't cook the gnocchi too long because it gets too gummy. Frankel then heats Rao's Arrabiatta sauce. Nothing else is needed to elevate the store-bought delicacy. What makes this even weirder is that Trader Joe's itself offers a recipe that would "elevate" their cauliflower gnocchi. 

The internet is perplexed

Reactions to Bethenny Frankel's odd video tutorial varied across social media platforms. On Twitter, the fascination was largely with the sheer amount of salt she added. "Can't stop watching the salt but," one wrote, "it's stressing me out." Another user wrote, "I don't have a pot filler. Can I use my regular faucet? I'm so confused. Cooking is hard," to which a third replied, "No. You cannot have gnocchi."

On TikTok, some people offered variations of the following commentary: "Try cooking NO WATER. Olive oil on med high until crispy on one side, flip and do same. Then add [presumably sauce]." Many others, however, were totally on board with the whole thing. They raved about their love for Trader Joe's gnocchi and commiserated over the mistake with the pot filler. They earnestly said that Frankel should use an air fryer instead of a boiling pot.

So one social media site is not getting what's going on here, and that seems to be Twitter. Twitter users are a bit of a mess, yet they clearly enjoy relating to overly-detailed descriptions of how to cook a product that tells you how to cook it on the package.