This Might Have Been The Worst Argument In Kitchen Nightmares History

Gordon Ramsay is no stranger to controversy. If he spots an issue, he will not shy away from calling someone out on it, even if he has to be loud and a bit unruly to get his point across. A few chefs have weighed in on Ramsay's temper over the years and whether it's real or all an act. Many claim that, while he does lose his cool from time to time, he truly only loses his temper when his reputation is on the line or when he feels a diner's experience is at stake because of poor service.

That said, Ramsay has gotten into some fairly intense altercations, with one spanning beyond verbal. In fact, the argument on "Hell's Kitchen" got so heated, it sent a contestant to the hospital with a sprained ankle after Ramsay pushed him a bit harder than he'd hoped, landing him on the ground. And while Scoop Whoop has evidence of his kind-hearted nature, too, there's no denying some arguments on "Kitchen Nightmares" get a little out of hand.

This kitchen got heated

One of Gordon Ramsay's heated arguments can be found on YouTube in a video labeled "The most heated argument on Kitchen Nightmares." It recounts an episode of "Hell's Kitchen" in which a diner all but choked on a piece of fish from an excess amount of salt. The chef who cooked the tuna dish offers to share a signature dish of his own to the patron, explaining that he had some difficulty adjusting to a new menu. In an aside to the camera, the chef says he should not have to serve Ramsay's menu suggestions over his own food.

Ramsay is then seen changing into an outfit so he can cook himself. The two then get into a verbal argument in which the chef tells Ramsay, "Your menu is not better than mine," to which Ramsay responds with surprise and disgust, dropping F-bombs and the c-word so loudly that patrons could hear him from the dining room. And while it may not have come to blows, this was quite an embarrassing scene to display in front of paying customers.