This Milk Frother Is Perfect For Home Lattes And Under $20

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Making coffee at home is convenient and saves money, but without fancy tools and equipment, you would assume you'd have to settle for less. Well, think again. According to shoppers, there's an affordable tool on Amazon that can truly make all your frothy, creamy coffee shop dreams into reality, all from the convenience of your home kitchen.

Whether you're interested in whisking up the creamiest lattes to topping hot coffee with a cloud of milk foam or even looking to bring protein powders to smooth emulsion, the Zulay Original Milk Frother Handheld Foam Maker can tackle all of these chores and so much more. And the added bonus? It costs under $20 — that's less than a week's worth of Starbucks trips, even if you're ordering the most basic drink like an iced coffee.

Here's Why You Need the Zulay Original Milk Frother

So why the Zulay Kitchen frother? For one, it turns milk and creamer (dairy and non-dairy alike) into the creamiest froth in seconds. It's also the lightweight, sleek tool you need when mixing drink powders with a spoon or whisk won't do. It even works for making smooth matcha. The frother's stainless steel whisk, though tiny in size, is mighty powerful; there's almost nothing it can't blend up into silky cohesion. Simply place the frother into your cup, grab the handle at a slight angle, and move in an up and down motion while frothing or mixing. And voila, your average cup of joe gets a glow-up (via Amazon).

Shoppers on Amazon love this milk frother for their caffeine fix and more: "​​This is my new favorite way to mix up my protein powder," wrote one customer. "Before this, I used a blender bottle and had a lot of trouble with protein powders mixing into my drinks- I'd always get clumps." Another customer wrote, "I use it for scrambled eggs, milk, smoothies, etc!"

Price and versatility aside, the Zulay Original Milk Frother is simple to clean and store. The metal stand allows you to perch it in your coffee station without taking up too much of your precious counter space; the compact stick shape also means you can store the gadget in a tight kitchen drawer.

Shop the battery-powered Zulay Original Milk Frother and upgrade your at-home coffee routine for under $20.