How A DoorDash Coffee Order Trapped One Customer In Their Home

Sometimes, ordering food can seem like a breath of fresh air, especially when you don't have the energy to make something from scratch. Plus, delivery apps have been really useful during the pandemic. Many people missed eating at their favorite restaurants and were able to fulfill their cravings by ordering food from delivery apps such as Uber Eats and DoorDash.

There's a caveat, though. Believe it or not: Ordering food or even a beverage such as coffee can come with its set of unique problems. A customer who got a coffee for himself from the delivery company, DoorDash, was presented with an unusual dilemma when the coffee was left outside his home. He posted the clip on TikTok in a bid to give others a chance to comment on his problem. The video clip generated plenty of reactions from other TikTok users who tried to offer solutions. According to Newsweek, the man who posted the clip, Alex Bradshaw, went through the same situation twice.

An unusual problem

According to Newsweek, Alex Bradshaw was forced to deal with an odd situation when he realized that a food delivery professional had left his cup of coffee close to the door, which meant he couldn't get out to retrieve it. Opening the door could cause the coffee to spill. Bradshaw posted a TikTok video to demonstrate the dilemma and captioned it, "Thanks for the coffee, Doordash."

Several users suggested Bradshaw use the back door to retrieve the coffee. Unfortunately, this wasn't possible. "Thank you all for the continued suggestion of using my non-existent back door to retrieve the coffee I ordered almost a month ago. Greatly appreciated," he wrote. He also said that he had done a bit of food delivery as a DoorDash driver himself. When Bradshaw went through a similar dilemma again, he chose to open the door really quickly. The cup fell over, but he picked it almost immediately and was able to save most of his coffee.