Cheerios Is Adding The Fruit For You With Its Newest Cereal Flavor

Cheerioats were born in 1941, but were quickly renamed Cheerios, the breakfast cereal and snack we know today. According to General Mills, Cheerios were the first "oat-based ready-to-eat" cereal. And boy, oh boy, are we glad Cheerios were created.

In 1976, General Mills released its first variation on the original Cheerios: Cinnamon Nut Cheerios. Within a few years, today's beloved Honey Nut variation entered the market. And that was only the beginning.

Over the past couple decades, supermarket shelves have seen countless flavors of Cheerios, including seasonal flavors. Some variations were more successful (like Frosted Cheerios and Toasted Coconut Cheerios), while others missed the mark (like Pumpkin Spice Cheerios and Very Berry Cheerios).

Nevertheless, Cheerios have proved themselves to be extremely versatile both in flavor and in usage. You can snack on them right out of the box, add fruit or milk, or use them in baking (via Eat This, Not That). 

The Cheerios family welcomes a new member

Even though the peach, banana nut, berry, and fruity variations of Cheerios didn't gain much popularity, General Mills is not giving up. According to a press release sent to Mashed, Strawberry Banana Cheerios will debut in late November, hopefully available nationwide by early 2022.

This double-toasted cereal will feature a purée of strawberries and bananas, unlike an earlier version named Strawberry Banana Berry Burst Cheerios. A Mr. Breakfast review noted this 2004 product's freeze-dried fruit was an improvement but still not as good as fresh fruit. Perhaps the addition of a fruit purée will add the taste and nutrition Cheerios fans desire.

A large box of the new Strawberry Banana Cheerios will cost about $5.17, while a family-size box will cost about $5.38. This is quite a bit more than the standard box of original Cheerios, so we can only hope the quality matches the price. Don't let us down, Strawberry Banana Cheerios!