McDonald's New Christmas Ad Has The Internet Tearing Up

No one can argue that commercials have the power to get you feeling things. In 2020, for example, Coca-Cola's Christmas commercial featuring a father who has to go out to sea or an H-E-B Supermarket advertisement tying together the life of a grandparent and grandchild had the audience's eyes welling up, per People. The holiday ad cycle doesn't seem to pull any punches this year, and a U.K. McDonald's ad now has the potential to get internet denizens everywhere teary-eyed.

According to Today, the commercial, titled "Imaginary Iggy," starts with a small girl drawing a picture of her fuzzy blue imaginary friend. Then, her friend magically appears before her, and she feeds him "reindeer treats." The commercial montages several scenes together where the imaginary friend and the girl grow up together until one day, the girl takes the drawing of the imaginary friend off her wall and hides it away in her closet. Years later, the girl, now an adult, visits a McDonald's and sees another child filled with whimsy. She then decides to take the drawing and her imaginary friend out of the closet. To make matters even more emotional, the entire commercial features a cover of Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time."

A commercial that pulled heartstrings

Over on Twitter, McDonald's fans couldn't hold back and shared everything from their immediate reactions to the memories the advertisement stirred up. Responses like, "My daughter is 11 & wanted to throw all her plush toys out last wkend. This made me [crying emoji] as they are in bags atm. I don't have the [heart] to put them out though. Everyone needs an Iggy and I know she'll regret it," or, "Advert better than their burgers. This is by far the best Christmas ad on TV so far," line the thread. One comment sums it up best — "Love this, nostalgia."

Even if you count yourself as one of many who think that a fast food commercial can't get you feeling this holiday season, this ad might just push you over the edge. If you do get a glimpse of the commercial, make sure to keep a box of tissues at the ready and get ready to feel a wave of nostalgia for the holidays like no other.