GBBO Fans Are Roasting Crystelle For Always Using This Ingredient

As a TV show, "The Great British Bake Off" has plenty of fans rooting for it. It's such a sensation in the U.K. that its executive producer Richard McKerrow once compared it to the Olympics. "It is a television series, but we always try to think of it as an event, almost like a Wimbledon, or an Olympics," he told The New York Times.

The show is especially appealing to those who want to showcase their baking skills through a powerful platform (via Insider). As many as 12,000 participants try to get on the show each year. "The Great British Bake Off" looks for aspiring participants who can prove that their technical skills are up to the mark.

The show's latest edition has 12 talented participants, including Crystelle Pereira, a client relationship manager and singer from London. Per London World, she was lucky enough to be raised in a diverse setting, and she got the opportunity to bond with her family over food. Here's an example: She would taste the dishes that her mom prepared and provide feedback.

Fans have noticed something interesting

According to fans of "The Great British Bake Off," if there's thing that Crystelle Pereira is really fond of, it's miso. She likes to work with it in nearly every dish that she comes up with. "Crystelle really likes to incorporate miso in recipes, huh?" someone wrote on Twitter. Another Twitter user wondered whether she simply gets the ingredient for herself in bulk whenever she's shopping. Other Twitter users also chimed in with their views on this topic, wondering why the baker ends up with miso all the time.

That said, some viewers have definitely taken inspiration from this. Someone mentioned that they ended up making vegetable sausage rolls with ingredients such as mushrooms, chestnuts, leeks, and miso. Meanwhile, a viewer joked that a quick way to challenge Pereira would be to take away her jar of miso and see what she comes up with. "I reckon she's used it as an ingredient every week so far," they tweeted.