The 34 Best Advent Calendars For A Boozy Holiday Season In 2021

Countless holiday traditions are as cherished as things like baking sugar cookies or making a hearty turkey dinner. What's more, each family tends to put their own unique spin on every tradition. Some people wear matching pajamas on Christmas while others might eat a crab boil on the big day. And there are quite a few out there–– many, many others, in fact –– who celebrate the season with advent calendars.

And we're not talking about just any advent calendar, though please feel free to enjoy the kind that comes with some delicious chocolate or other treats. Here, we're talking about the cherished time tellers filled with people's favorite beer, spirits, and wine. If you desire, then drink and be merry with these store-bought boozy advent calendars that are perfect for the 2021 holidays. After all, 'tis the season.

Note: If you see an advent calendar that you fancy, make sure it delivers to your location first. We also recommend that celebrators purchase their advent calendars as soon as they're available, given that many are in limited stock. These bad boys fly off the digital shelves fast!

All American Whiskey & Bourbon

The All American Whiskey & Bourbon advent calendar is ideal for people who desire a good hit of whiskey, naturally. Brought to consumers by the good people at The Spirit Co., this advent calendar is flooded with 24 little bottles of American whiskeys and bourbons, from Eagle Rare, 10 Year Old Straight Bourbon to Elijah Craig, Small Batch Straight Bourbon, and many others. The whiskey and bourbons range from 40 percent alcohol (like the Yellow Rose Premium American Whiskey) and go all the way up to 55.7 percent alcohol (Peerless Small Batch Straight Rye).

And it's not too bad on the wallet, considering it contains whiskey. This all-American advent calendar could be yours for just a little over $200.

Arriba Tequila

A new addition to The Spirit Co.'s 2021 holiday lineup, the Arriba Tequila advent calendar comes with 24 small bottles of tequila. Ranging from 38 to 40 percent alcohol, this advent calendar is a tequila drinker's holiday dream come true. If you want to count down the days until Christmas –– as is intended with an advent calendar, after all –– then you'll want to order as soon as possible. That can, you can ensure your Arriba Tequila advent calendar arrives before December 1 when the festivities begin.

Beer Advent Calendar 2021

Spirit and wine advent calendars are, without a doubt, seasonal favorites that are all the rage. But if you want your advent calendar to have a foamy layer, then this Beer Advent Calendar 2021 is a no-brainer. It comes with 12 craft beers. In fact, Give Them Beers' website states that this magical calendar is accompanied by "12 of the highest rated craft beers of 2021," so brew fans can rest assured that they're getting something truly special. Opening a door to a beer treat during 12 December days is a magical surprise. With this box, it could become your reality.

Bourbon & American Whiskey Advent Calendar

Going back to bourbon street, the Bourbon & American Whiskey Advent Calendar comes completely with classics such as Bulleit Bourbon 10 Year Old, WhistlePig PiggyBack 6 Year Old, and Gentleman Jack, and 21 other perfectly splendid American whiskies. Though The Spirit Co. states that the exact contents may vary, rest assured that there will still be 24 handmade wax-sealed drams to uncover every day in this advent calendar. That, to say the least, is something to be merry about.

BrewDog Craft Beer

For under $100 (before taxes, at least), you can have 24 wonderful beers at your disposal. That's advent calendar style, of course. BrewDog notes that the 2021 box includes a variety of beers, from hoppy IPAs to some interesting exclusive brews that are sure to please your palate. 

If you're a fan of beer or just want an advent calendar that has 24 cold ones (well, after you pop them in the fridge), then this is the advent calendar of the season. But it's important to note that beer with an ABV above 0.5 percent can only ship to select states, so be sure to read the fine print carefully before you make that order.

Bubble Box Sparkling Wine Advent Calendar

Not all advent calendar aficionados want to wait for their calendars to arrive. For those people, they may take heart in knowing that the Bubble Box Sparkling Wine Advent Calendar is only available at World Market stores. Just remember that, if you decide to go this route, it's best to call your local store just to make sure that this winter wonderland is available.

So, what's inside the Bubble Box Sparkling Wine Advent Calendar? Each box consists of seven bottles of sparkling wines from California, France, Italy, and Spain. In terms of regions that bring it in the wine department, it really doesn't get any better than that.

Canned Cocktail Advent Calendar

Trust us when we say that there's an alcohol advent calendar for all palates. The Canned Cocktail Advent Calendar is ideal for anyone who wants variety. Remember, variety is the spice (or drink) of life. This cocktail advent calendar consists of seemingly everything from vodka to rum-based mixed drinks. You don't even need to follow instructions to make them as they're ready to consume the moment they arrive at your doorstep, though some ice would probably be nice.

Part of the allure of advent calendars is being surprised each day you open a new door, and rest assured that this cocktail advent calendar checks all the boxes.

Collection Series' Irish Whiskey

The Spirit Co. clearly brings it every year with its advent calendars, whether it's providing its own or selling Drinks by the Dram classics. Nevertheless, if you crave a little luck of the Irish during the holiday season, then the Collection Series' Irish Whiskey is a welcome option. For under $70, you'll receive 12 handmade wax-sealed drams featuring Irish whiskies such as Teeling Small Batch, Gelston's Blended, Egan's Fortitude, and nine others. This advent calendar will surely get you through the holidays and perhaps –– dare we say –– provide a little luck.

Collection Series' Premium Gin

If gin is your bag, then the Collection Series' Premium Gin from Drinks by the Dram is a natural choice. With this advent calendar, you'll be able to uncover 12 mysterious doors during the holiday season. Behind each door? A delightful flavor of gin, of course. From Jindea Single Estate Tea Gin to No.3 Gin, this collection series is a gin lover's advent calendar dream come true. 

Like with so many other boozy advent calendars, it's important to order this as soon as you can. That way, your advent calendar will arrive in time for you to match each door with the 12 days of Christmas (assuming that's the tradition you're going for).

Collection Series' Premium Rum

Rum, cola, and lime: now, that's a cocktail that's survived the test of time. And, if you desire, you can add premium rums to this cherished drink, all while counting down to the holidays with the Collection Series' Premium Rum advent calendar. Twelve different rums make this box a must-have for fans of the beverage, especially if they want to try what The Spirit Co. describes as some of the world's best premium rums.

If you're feeling extra festive and prefer to count down for 24 days instead of 12, then there's also a 24-day rum advent calendar available.

Collection Series Whisky

The Collection Series Whisky, courtesy of Drinks by the Dram, is ideal for whiskey drinkers and advent calendar aficionados alike. For 12 straight days, you'll uncover a new door and then find a whisky that you may or may not have even heard of. Though The Spirit Co. states that contents are subject to change, it can include spirits like Brenne Cuvée Spéciale French Single Malt Whisky, Burnt Ends Blended Whiskey, Darkness 8 Year Old, and Glengoyne 12 Year Old.

There are also two different 24-day whisky advent calendars to choose from at The Spirit Co. if you want to go from 12 days of celebration to 24 with The Whisky Advent Calendar and the Whisky Explorer Calendar.

Crown Royal Whisky Tasting Calendar

The Crown Royal Whisky Tasting Calendar is a 12-day advent calendar that'll put a smile on your face each day you open a new door. If this advent calendar featured just one flavor of Crown Royal, then that would be more than enough to satisfy your cravings. Yet, this beloved gift is actually a series of unique Crown Royal flavors. In total, you'll receive two mini bottles each of Black Blended, Fine De Luxe Blended, Peach Flavored, Regal Apple Flavored, Salted Caramel Flavored, and Vanilla Flavored Whisky. So many flavors, so many doors, and so many merry days!

Elf Wine Advent Calendar 12 Pack

Since the Elf Wine Advent Calendar 12 Pack is available at World Market, know that if you go down this celebrated path, you can only purchase this advent calendar in stores. Yet that just means you won't have to wait to celebrate in style. Inside this advent calendar are 12 bottles of these assorted wines, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir, Rosé, and Zinfandel, among others. So, yeah, you'll get a little bit of everything. The more flavors, the merrier!

Festive Wine Advent Calendar 24 Pack

Why settle for 12 bottles of wine when you can have 24? The Festive Wine Advent Calendar 24 Pack is the ultimate wine pack and allows wine drinkers to celebrate all the days of December leading up to Christmas. Similar to the Elf Wine Advent Calendar 12 Pack, you'll receive Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Moscato, Pinot Noir, Red Blend, Rosé, and Sauvignon Blanc. However, you'll receive two of each bottle. This advent calendar is ideal for wine lovers and those who'd love to try seemingly all the wines ever in a short amount of time.

Fireball Countdown Calendar Gift

It's not quite a holiday party if Fireball isn't involved in the festivities, at least according to some. The Fireball Countdown Calendar Gift comes with 20 little bottles of Fireball. The box also states you'll receive four gifts from the "Dragon." If you fancy Fireball, advent calendars, and all things holidays, then this countdown is a total winner. If you want to take it up a festive notch, then might we recommend adding a little eggnog to your Fireball shot while you're at it? This easy-to-make concoction tastes simply delicious. Yet Fireball is arguably sufficient by itself.

Great British Gin

The Great British Gin advent calendar, brought to you by The Spirit Co., is possibly the only gift gin lovers need this holiday season. As this advent calendar comes with 24 gin bottles, allowing gin connoisseurs to count down to the holiday with some flair. Though the bottles can change, this advent calendar can contain Downton Abbey Premium Gin, Edinburgh Christmas Gin, Seven Crofts, Dry Scottish Gin, Mayfield Sussex Hop Gin, and 21 other gins. Purchasing this advent calendar isn't a bad way to kick off the holiday season.

Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar

Hard seltzer is all the rave nowadays, making the arrival of the Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar the perfect gift for adults this holiday season. Though most of the seltzers remain a mystery, this advent calendar does contain trendy brands like Truly, White Claw, and Vizzy. Yet up-and-coming brands, such as Funky, might also make the rotation, too. 

All told, this advent calendar features 12 alcohol seltzers, so you can celebrate the holiday season right. Yeah, the holidays are surely going to be different this year –– in all the right ways, that is.

Hoppy Hanukkah Beer Box

Now, why should Christmas have all the fun this holiday season? The Hoppy Hanukkah Beer Box will ensure that your eight crazy nights are filled with plenty of fun, too. That's because it features eight different styles of craft beers sourced from indie breweries across the United States. Though this advent calendar is just about perfect for beer drinkers, note that liquor laws mean it won't ship to every single state in the U.S. and won't be available internationally, either. If you live in the right spot, though, preordering is available at Brewvana.

Hoppy Holidays Beer Advent Calendar 2021

The good news is that Aldi rolled out the Hoppy Holidays Beer Advent Calendar 2021 this year. The bad news is that it's currently sold out on the Aldi website. Though we're not sure if more advent calendars are going to hit the digital shelves again, we recommend coming back to the Aldi site early and often to see if it's back in stock. 

You can also call your local store to see if more advent calendars are coming in. Though these advent calendars are highly coveted, there are luckily other calendars to choose from in case you can't snag one.

It's The Most Wonderful Wine Of The Year Wine Advent Calendar

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year, especially when you have the It's The Most Wonderful Wine Of The Year Wine Advent Calendar at your disposal. Just to make it perfectly clear, this wine advent calendar comes with not 12 but 24 bottles of wine, including varieties of white, red, and rosé. That said, the actual wines have yet to be unveiled, so people looking for a real surprise will really enjoy this one. For many, the holidays are a time to be cherished with your family, but it's also a time to be surprised by wonderful gifts. Needless to say, this advent calendar provides it all.

Jack Daniel's Holiday Countdown Advent Calendar

Jack Daniel's fans rejoice! There's an advent calendar that was made just for lovely people like you. The Jack Daniel's Holiday Countdown Advent Calendar consists of 20 various bottles from the Jack Daniel's family of brands, as well as four additional gifts as if the liquors weren't enough. If this sounds like too many mini bottles, then rest assured as a 12-day Jack Daniel's advent calendar is also available. 

Just know that the faster you order your calendar, the better, as these puppies apparently fly off the shelves fast! Something tells us the holidays are going to be merrier than usual this year. You know, these liquid advent calendars tend to have that effect.

Japanese Whisky Advent Calendar

Drinks by the Dram is at it again with its Japanese Whisky Advent Calendar. If you've never had Japanese Whisky before, then this might be the year to get out of your domestic comfort zone and sled right into this delicious advent calendar. 

Some of the Japanese whiskies you can expect to uncover inside include Nikka Pure Malt Red, The Chita, Togouchi Premium Blended Japanese Whisky, Hatozaki Blended, and 20 others. Remember that advent calendars also make great gifts, but you'd ideally have to hand out this present early. Something tells us the recipient won't mind, though.

NIPYATA! Boozy Advent Calendar

NIPYATA! describes its NIPYATA! Boozy Advent Calendar as "12 shots of Christmas," and that is, by all accounts, a jolly way to phrase it. Inside, you'll find one tiny bottle of these year-round classics: Aviation Gin, Bacardi Gold Rum, Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur, Camarena, Kahlua Coffee Liqueur, Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey, and Tito's Handmade Vodka, among others. Now that's a festive and welcome surprise! This advent calendar makes a perfect gift, yet you'll want to ship it as soon as you can, just to make sure the recipient can count down the days to Christmas.

The Premium Gin Advent Calendar

The Premium Gin Advent Calendar was clearly made for people who love gin. For 24 winter days, you'll be able to open a magical door to a different kind of gin, from Four Pillars Olive Leaf Gin to Kyrö Gin. To non-gin lovers, these premium gins might taste the same, though we encourage everyone who's of age to try them. And to the gin aficionados, each will likely have a distinct taste. And probably each one will taste better than the last, if for no other reason than that each door gets them one step closer to the holiday.

Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar

Scotch whisky isn't for everyone, as the bite of this liquor can be too much for some people to handle. Yet, for the right folks, a perfectly smooth Scotch is the gift that keeps on giving. For the people who prefer to pour a nice Scotch in their glass, the Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar is a natural option, especially if you want to celebrate the holidays the right way this year. 

This advent calendar comes with 24 different Scotch whiskies, as if things couldn't get any better. From Glenfiddich 15 Year Old Solera to The Macallan 12 Year Old Double Cask, this advent calendar is its own kind of celebration.

Single Cask Whisky Advent Calendar

If single cask whisky is your jam, then the Single Cask Whisky Advent Calendar is the present for you. After all, there's nothing wrong with buying a gift for yourself during the most wonderful time of the year. 

Inside this advent calendar is 24 single cask whiskies that won't disappoint, such as Balvenie 12 Year Old Single Barrel, Blair Athol 25 Year Old 1995, and Cherry Bakewell Tart 22 Year Old 1996. The holidays will certainly taste different this year –– in the best possible way –– when you count down to the big day with this fine advent calendar.

That Boutique-y Gin Company Advent Calendar

Whether you opt for the 24-pack That Boutique-y Gin Company Advent Calendar or the 12-day That Boutique-y Gin Company Gin Collection, you'll be able to uncover enchanting doors –– featuring, of course, gin –– each day leading up to the holidays. Either gin advent calendar is an all-star selection, especially if gin is your drink of choice. The sooner you purchase your advent calendar, the better –– as these are hot commodities that tend to fly off the shelves well before the holiday season begins.

That Boutique-y Whisky Company Advent Calendar

There are a plethora of tough decisions to make during the holidays, such as who to buy presents for, what those gifts will actually entail, and if you should purchase a 12-day advent calendar or a 24-day one. Nevertheless, you can't go wrong with the 24-day That Boutique-y Whisky Company Advent Calendar or the 12-pack That Boutique-y Whisky Company Whisky Collection. After all, each one is accompanied by little bottles of whisky that will allow you to get out of your comfort zone as you'll be able to try different types of this wonder juice every day.

Vodka Explorer Advent Calendar

If vodka is your go-to drink, then the Vodka Explorer Advent Calendar is surely going to be your favorite surprise of the holiday season. Inside, you'll find 24 different kinds of vodka, each one better than the last, yet all of them delicious. Of course, if you prefer to accompany your vodka with some orange juice or a splash of cranberry, that's also an option. You can't go wrong with this advent calendar as you'll be able to look forward to uncovering a door for 24 days straight. Happy holidays, indeed!

Wine Advent Calendar 2021

Wine and the holidays arguably go hand in hand, making the Wine Advent Calendar 2021 the perfect gift. This advent calendar comes with 12 half bottles of wine, including vintages from Francis Coppola, Josh, Mondavi, and J. Lohr. Given the fact that these are half bottles, you can share each day's gift with your closest confidante if you desire, given that this is the season of giving. 

Of course, this has great gift-giving applications, too. If you don't know what to purchase the wine lover in your life for the holidays, then you're in luck with this particular advent calendar.

Winter Wonderland Wine Advent Calendar

According to its many devoted fans, Aldi has just about everything you could possibly need. That includes the Winter Wonderland Wine Advent Calendar. A word of caution, though: at the time of this writing, the popular discount grocery store's wine advent calendar is sold out online. 

We're not sure if there will be more in stock, but it's worth reaching out to your local Aldi to see if the Winter Wonderland Wine Advent Calendar will become available again. You could get lucky! Though there are probably countless people who'd prefer to purchase their advent calendar from Aldi, there are still other wine advent calendars available on the market from other sellers.

World Whisky Advent Calendar

The more whiskey, the merrier. At least, that should be the motto when you deck the halls with the World Whisky Advent Calendar.

Kentucky and Tennessee whiskey are true blessings, to be certain, but why not expand your horizons a bit? This calendar features whiskies from all around the world so you can do some journeying this season from the comfort of your home. Each day, you'll open a new door and journey to a different part of the globe with each sip of that designated day's whiskey. Did we mention there are 24 days in this advent calendar? By our calculations, that's a whole lot of traveling.

12 Beers of Christmas Beer Box

Brewvana did it again with its 12 Beers of Christmas Beer Box. Though many advent calendars take place during the days leading up to Christmas, this beer box takes place during the traditional 12 Days of Christmas, so don't be alarmed when your advent calendar ships around December 15. Once it arrives, you'll be delighted to find 12 craft beers from Brewvana's favorite independent breweries.

Bonus gifts include access to Brewvana's virtual tastings with special guests, a Brewvana winter beanie, tasting guide, chocolate, and other swag. There are even more Christmas-themed surprises sprinkled throughout the box. This advent calendar is pretty much a holiday party in a box.

12 Nights of Wine

More like 12 nights of awesome, are we right? The 12 Nights of Wine calendar is locked and loaded with 12 examples of fine wine, including two roses along with four whites and six reds that have been curated by trained sommeliers. You can pinch yourself because you're not dreaming –– this wine calendar is very real and very delicious. If this advent calendar is really catching your eye then, the sooner you order it, the better of you will be. Vinebox claims these advent calendars sell out every year.