Popeye's New Mac And Cheese Puts A Cozy Spin On Its Classic Side

Diners can't get enough of Popeyes' sides. According to Time Out, the chain's red beans and rice, cinnamon apple pie, and biscuits rank as the very best add-ons, but one new menu item now might have the chance to move ahead. Chew Boom reports that the chicken chain has rolled out their own take on mac and cheese in the form of a new side — Homestyle Mac and Cheese.

The item, available for delivery or pick-up, aims to taste just like the mac and cheese you typically make at home thanks to copious amounts of butter and cheddar cheese. The side gets oven-baked and topped with even more cheddar, resulting in a final dish that should hit the right spot between crunchy and gooey. The launch of this new side comes in the wake of Popeyes' decision to ditch their Cajun Rice and Green Beans earlier in the year (via Eat This, Not That!). 

You may also have the option of customizing the side. Some suggest ordering a large-sized mac and cheese and topping it off with chicken strips, or even using the new mac and cheese as a chicken sandwich topping.

Popeyes has a classic take on mac and cheese

Anyone looking for a new side can't go wrong with the customization of Popeyes' new mac and cheese. According to Foodsided, you can go beyond simply loading up this side with chicken strips. You also have the option of drizzling some hot sauce used on the Megan Thee Stallion sandwich on top. While the item should have made it to menus everywhere, make sure to check with your local Popeyes to make sure they now carry the new side. The new take on mac and cheese replaces a previous incarnation at Popeyes that last made appearance around 2018, and tasted a bit saltier and chewier than desired, per Insider.

If you want to see if this mac and cheese experience lives up to expectations, make sure to give it a taste yourself next time you find yourself at Popeyes. With any luck, it might just rank higher than the chain's biscuits when it comes to superior sides.