Trader Joe's Fans Recommend Adding This Frozen Food To Your Chili

It can be really comforting to dig into a bowl of homemade chili on a cold winter day. According to the Food Republic, chili first started making its way into the hearts and minds of the public as a "no-nonsense dish" that has now achieved cult status among those who have grown to love the stew. And why not? It has plenty of flavors to suit all kinds of palettes. 

There are scores of options available too. If you're in Texas, you're likely to eat a dish that's truly hardcore — expect to find lots of spices, meat, and, well, chiles. The message is loud and clear: go big or go home! Meanwhile, the Springfield "chili" is a stew that favors animal fat, beans, and a relatively milder combination of spices. Honestly, it's a versatile dish that is not restrictive and can be easily customized based on your preferences. And some Trader Joe's fans have one recommendation in particular that stands out (via Reddit)

They vouch for Mexican Style Roasted Corn

A Redditor wrote that no matter how you like to make your chili, there's one ingredient from Trader Joe's that can easily become the star of the dish. "You must start adding a bag of the Mexican Street Corn to it to give it an extra OOMPH. It is SUCH a good addition, even if you always liked your recipe," they wrote, adding that the dish will also benefit from a serving of Elote corn chips and that their family members loved it.

Another Redditor was on board with this idea and said they use a lot of roasted corn with chili these days. They also said, "A TJ's employee was mentioning to me that she put a bag of this in her soups and stews, and I'm never going back to my old ways." A commenter vouched for this trick and said that adding corn especially worked when their child was younger and fussy about eating chili. In fact, they called it a "game-changer."