Amanda Freitag Reveals Her Go-To Shake Shack Meal - Exclusive

Amanda Freitag might be a believer in the glory of the American diner, but she isn't all in on the glory of the American fast food industry. "I try to be as healthy as possible," the "Chopped" judge revealed exclusively to Mashed, "but I do love a good burger and fries." Like famous fast food antagonists Anthony Bourdain and Gordon Ramsay (who's written In-N-Out burgers a love letter via Tweet), In-N-Out is one of the exceptions to Freitag's disavowal of fast food. It's her go-to burger joint when in California.  

But Freitag is a New York City native and holds one other fast food chain near and dear. "When I really want just a fast delicious burger, I go to Shake Shack," Freitag admitted to Mashed. "It's near me, I can walk to it, they have great milkshakes, great burgers. I know they're using quality meat." Not just Amanda, but the entire Freitag family seems serious about its dedication to the chain. Amanda and her mother have even been known to celebrate mama Freitag's birthday with a Shake Shack meal, downing milkshakes in lieu of cake, and placing a solitary candle in the middle of a burger. (Documentation of the phenomenon can be found on Twitter). And when Mashed asked Amanda Freitag to describe her go-to order at the burger joint, the decorated chef didn't hesitate before responding. 

Amanda Freitag's signature Shake Shack order

Next time you're at Shake Shack and want to eat like Amanda Freitag, here's exactly how to do it. "Okay, it would be well-done french fries with a double cheeseburger, extra pickles, no onions," Freitag revealed in an exclusive interview with Mashed. "And I would say I'd probably lean towards a coffee milkshake." 

Don't skip out on the fries. Freitag is a self-proclaimed "french fry girl." To emulate this "Chopped" judge to the T, you'll be dipping them in your coffee milkshake, thank you very much. "There's two kinds of people: the people who dip their fries in milkshakes and the kind that don't," the "American Diner Revival" host told Mashed. "I am the kind that does." Why? "Because what's better than sweet and creamy and cold with hot and salty and fatty? I mean that's just everything right there." 

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