Anne Burrell's Cat Did A Perfect Nacho Flay Challenge

While many know Bobby Flay as a star chef, others know him as a cat lover. According to CNBC, Flay loves his pets so much he named his signature brand of cat food after his Main coon, Nacho. Nacho the cat serves as the mascot and namesake of Flay's Made By Nacho cat food and also inspired the Nacho Flay Challenge.

In an Instagram post, Flay showed off a picture of Nacho lounging around his shoulders with the caption, "Have you tried the #NachoFlayChallenge? Everybody is doing it... (see @nachoflay's Instastories for proof!)." Chef and proud cat owner Anne Burrell recently shared a post featuring her own pet in a similar pose but facing a different direction. She captioned the image with, "I'm not sure what THIS is all about..." On paper, you might not immediately realize that the cat pulled off a perfect Nacho Flay Challenge, but luckily, Flay himself appeared in the comments, replying with, "#nachoflaychallenge."

Burrell's cat attracted a ton of attention

Followers might not have immediately identified the pose as a Nacho Flay Challenge, but nevertheless loved the image. Gems like, "Cats are hilarious!" and "Oh, you got a parrot!" lined the post (via Instagram). Anne Burrell's cat might have also set off a chain reaction that inspires more chefs to get their pets to pull off the challenge. As of now, #nachoflaychallenge leads to very few images of cats perfectly perched on their owners' shoulders, and thanks to Burrell's post, the world has one more such image.

If you feel inspired, don't let Burrell's cat take all the glory — feel free to get your own feline friend to pull off the challenge, and you might even get a shoutout from Flay himself. In the meantime, keep crossing your fingers that the cat-based pose blows up and floods your feed with even more adorable pictures of the adorable pets wrapped around their owners.