This Tasty Dessert Is Duff Goldman's Favorite Thanksgiving Dish

Baking maestro and TV personality Duff Goldman has lots of inspiration to offer for Thanksgiving. He even has a tempting holiday pizza recipe for those who want to feast on the dish with their loved ones (via The Food Network). His strategy includes using special ingredients like roasted turkey, stuffing, cheddar cheese, and gravy for delicious flavors. It's an easy recipe that can be made a couple of hours before dinner. 

Interestingly, the chef himself has very simple memories linked to Thanksgiving. He told 177milkstreet that his mom didn't really do a lot for Thanksgiving when he was little. "You'd think there would be some deep, deep Thanksgiving traditions, but no, my mom just got those weird paper turkeys that come flat, and then you fold it out and turkey body becomes a ball," he recalled.

However, Duff Goldman does have his holiday favorites. He recently wrote about his favorite Thanksgiving dish on Instagram.

It's a sweet favorite

Duff Goldman wrote on Instagram that he's partial to a delicious dessert this time of the year. His favorite Thanksgiving dish is the sour cream Dutch cranberry pie from Hoosier Mama Pie Co. in Chicago, Illinois. Per the company's official website, the sweet treat has sour Michigan cherries that are "baked in a sour cream vanilla custard" and are "topped with a delectable cinnamon walnut streusel."

Several fans have mentioned that they are intrigued by the pie and that it sounds really good to them. The reviews are promising, too. According to the Milwaukee Magazine, Hoosier Mama really does wonders with its pie thanks to the crust, which has been described as "delightfully light and flaky."

Duff Goldman really loves his share of desserts, by the way. In another Instagram post, he wrote about coming up with the ultimate chocolate cake for the holidays. His dish has chocolate mousse that includes chocolate ganache and chocolate cream frosting.