Gregg Wallace Says This Is A Fatal Flaw On MasterChef

Being on a well-known show like "MasterChef" is no joke. According to Delish, no contestant can turn to a recipe for help when they're making a dish during a food challenge. They must rely on memory and hope that they're getting it right! Additionally, the participants are constantly being scrutinized to ensure that no one is breaking the rules. "Everyone has the exact same advantages, and we want them to leverage those advantages fairly," said one of the show's former judges, Christina Tosi (via Lucky Peach). 

Also, the pressure is definitely intense and participants must remember that they really do have just 60 minutes to finish a challenge. "Those time limits are 100% real. They are not fudged for TV," a former contestant told AV Club. While "MasterChef" is undoubtedly difficult to win, there are a few things that aspiring chefs can keep in mind when trying to make it big on the TV show. Per judge Gregg Wallace, putting some thought into a dish can go a long way (via The Irish Independent).

It's good to have a plan

According to a piece by The Irish Independent, "MasterChef" judge Gregg Wallace wishes that more contestants would think things through instead of rushing into something. "What worries me, what makes me nervous? It's when someone automatically just grabs for a protein and then takes it away and hasn't really thought about what's going to go with it," he explained. He reckons that many cooks just take some chicken and assume that they'll make it impressive. It's more complicated than that.

As far as Wallace is concerned, this is a major mistake, and he suspects that such dishes are usually not great in the end. What he loves instead is to see classic and simple dishes from the participants. Something like minced lamb, boiled potatoes, and peas with gravy are something that the judge loves eating. It's nostalgic for him. "You just don't get the chance to eat the food I was brought up with, like mashed potatoes and tins of beans," he said.