Costco Fans Are Psyched For These Individual Pillsbury Pie Crusts

It's official: it's pie season. Even if you're not bringing one to Thanksgiving this year, we're betting a parent, aunt, or cousin will — whether it be of the apple, sweet potato, or pumpkin variety. According to Good Housekeeping, an estimated 50 million pumpkin pies are eaten on Thanksgiving — and we know we've also spotted, and dug into, various meringue, custard, and other assorted pies over Christmas and New Year's, too. Basically, a whole lot of pies are going to make their way into happy (and expanding) bellies over the next few months — and luckily, Costco is here to help.

Over on the Instagram account @costcohotfinds, one of the various social media accounts that keeps close tabs on new or exciting arrivals to the wholesale chain's shelves, a post from yesterday alerted shoppers to the presence of a holiday-appropriate item: individually wrapped refrigerated pie crusts. And from the looks of the comments, would-be bakers are pretty psyched.

They're not just for sweet pies, either

Made by Pillsbury, the crusts featured by Instagram account @costcohotfinds come individually wrapped in a box of eight and can be frozen for even longer storage. The crusts would surely make a great, no-fuss base for easy holiday desserts such as apple or pumpkin pies. Yet, they are a good choice for savory, family-friendly dishes, as well. "These are great for chicken pot pie too!" the post's caption noted.

Meanwhile, user @dejonghesharon was excited about the convenience of the prepared crusts. "Hope my store has them. Hate making pastry & have some Xmas recipes coming that require it," they wrote. We know what we like about this box of crusts: its low, low price, just $4.99 at the time of posting. User @taylorhendrix_ agreed: "That's a really good price." "Now that's a deal!!" commented @jenwiththatvoice. Now excuse us while we dream up a list of our favorite pie fillings.