This Thanksgiving Item Is Forgotten The Most Often, According To Shipt

Thanksgiving is incomplete without its most important part: a traditional feast! No prizes for guessing the most popular dish, though. According to a YouGov America survey, 83% percent of respondents voted for turkey as their preferred dish. The other top items on this list? Mashed potatoes at 78% and stuffing or dressing at 77%. What a close contest.

Of course, things tend to look a bit different depending on where you are in the country.  Also, some experimental cooks who don't mind tweaking their meals a little to make the festivities even more exciting. One Redditor wrote, "We usually get more creative with Thanksgiving flavor-inspired meals. One of my favorites is Turkey burgers stuffed with stuffing." Another user said that they've started preparing stuffing with mushrooms, wild rice, and sausages because their family members are rather "picky." Ha.

Here's an interesting question: What's the number one grocery item that's often overlooked by shoppers around Thanksgiving time? 

Cranberries don't get enough attention

Many people tend to forget about essential Thanksgiving grocery options when they're out shopping for their meals. This makes sense considering that it can be a fairly stressful situation with a lot of meal prepping to do. As per PR Newswire, delivery giant Shipt came up with a "Thanksgiving Most Forgotten List" this year to find out what people tend to overlook the most when they're shopping for Thanksgiving. The company surveyed 2,000 respondents and relied on proprietary Shipt data to finalize the results.

Cranberries were highest on the list, followed by other items such as fragrant spices, napkins, potatoes, pie crust, and more. Rina Hurst, the chief business officer and holiday shopping expert at Shipt, said that the list is meant to help shoppers plan in advance and ensure that they don't miss out on anything while preparing for the holidays.

Let's be honest: homemade cranberry sauce can be delicious with Thanksgiving turkey. A Quora user had the perfect explanation, writing, "The savoriness of the turkey and the tartness of the cranberry sauce offset each other and merge together to make your taste buds come alive. That is the reason I love Thanksgiving meals."