Jack Daniel's Just Lost $400,000 From An Overturned Truck

If you're a whisky fan, you likely aren't going to want to hear about a Jack Daniel's truck overturning and spilling its product everywhere. Surely you've heard the old adage, "Don't cry over spilled milk." In this case, some whisky aficionados may get sad just thinking about so much of the drink pouring onto the cement instead of into their glass.

Jack Daniel's recently had a truck delivery accident that caused near half a million dollars in lost whisky.  Last week on November 17, 2021, a company driver overturned a semi-truck while turning left onto the on-ramp for the I-24 highway in Tennessee, according to UPI. Thankfully, the driver wasn't injured in the accident, but it's estimated that $400,000 in bottles was onboard the truck, according to the Murfreesboro Police Department. It's unclear how many bottles broke and how much alcohol from the load remains.

Although this is sad news and a loss of profits for the company, it likely has insurance and is prepared for unexpected losses like broken bottles, spilled whisky, and a delayed shipment.  

Jack Daniels spilled across the interstate

According to the Murfreesboro Police Department, the turned-over semi-truck was pulled up by a wrecker, which is when whisky began to leak by the gallons across the highway. Before the incident, the Jack Daniel's bottles were on a long journey destined for another continent. "The load of whiskey was picked up in Lynchburg and was heading to Nashville to the railroad terminal to be shipped to Israel," the company said. And this is unsurprising, given the company's history.

Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey has been around for over 150 years and continues to be made in the same distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee. Although it's one of the most recognized and preferred brands for whisky in the United States, it's also sold internationally. According to the Chattanooga Times Free Press, Jack Daniel's is available to purchase in over 160 countries. And surprisingly, 65 percent of the company's whisky is exported abroad, which may seem surprising since it's such an Americana drink. 

The good news is no matter where you are in the world, especially when you travel, you'll be able to order your favorite drink with Jack Daniel's whisky.