Publix Just Put A Limit On These 15 Items

It must be said that supply chain problems can be very difficult to deal with for retail stores and shoppers alike. The former group has to figure out a way to keep business afloat, while the latter has to make do with whatever products they can find during what some call an "everything shortage." According to a CNBC report, the COVID-19 pandemic has been especially brutal for international trade, leaving retailers and other companies scrambling for solutions as trade volume has more recently begun to increase after a long decline.

With the beginning of the holiday season afoot, retailers are starting to feel the pressure again. As per Eat This, Not That, several grocery chains including Publix, Aldi, Walmart, and Costco have reported shortages on a range of items. This has led to certain products becoming a lot more expensive than usual. To help control its stock of popular items, Publix has released a list of products that will be available only in limited quantities for each customer shopping at its stores.

Here are the limited items at Publix

According to Eat This, Not That, Publix has made the decision to ask every shopper to buy two units at most for certain items at many of its locations. The list includes 15 popular products, such as jarred gravy, canned cranberry sauce, bacon, cream cheese, canned pie filling, paper napkins, canola and vegetable oil, rolled breakfast sausage, paper napkins, bath tissue, sports beverages, disposable cutlery, certain refrigerated food items, juices, and cat food as well as refrigerated pet food in general. Whew!

This policy has been attributed to problems in the global supply chain, plus the fact that there is a higher demand for some of these products during the holidays. If Publix is on your agenda when you step out to shop for groceries, ensure that you figure out a plan B so these restrictions don't conflict with your festive cooking.