Duff Goldman Fans Are Loving This Pic Of His Daughter's First Hanukkah

Recently, Duff Goldman maintained the dominance his daughter Josephine has over the hearts of all of his Instagram followers with a simple post. It showed both him and Josephine lighting the second candle in their Hanukkah menorah. The infant seems most interested in the fire, stretching out her hand as part of what's presumably a young child's innate desire to wave the candle about. "Josephine's first Chanukah!" Goldman simply explained.

And, of course, seemingly everyone in the comments lost their minds (in a good way). As of writing, over 40,000 people have liked the post and filled the comments section with cooings over Josephine and the best of Hanukkah wishes. "Just beautiful to see this through her beautiful eyes," one wrote. "Happy First Chanukah Josephine." Another added, "She's sooooo cute!!!" Indeed, Josephine still seems to be the archetypal baby daughter that holds sway over social media, and certainly in Goldman's corner of that world.

For others, the extreme familial coziness of the image conjured memories of their own childhoods and holiday celebrations. As one said, "I remember lighting the candles every night with my dad, my favorite memory." Perhaps Josephine wil also eventually enjoy other Hanukkah culinary traditions like chocolate gelt, sufganiyot, and kugel.

Jewish traditions are integral to Duff Goldman

While today he is sharing Hanukkah moments with his daughter, Goldman's history with the holiday and Judaism go way back. His parents also instilled in him the importance of tzedakah, the ethical obligation to charity. "It was very important to [my parents] growing up to make sure that I knew there were people in the world who were less fortunate than me and to always help anyone whenever possible," he explained to Jewish Journal. "It's been a blessing that they did, because the joy and fulfillment one can feel from giving is a singular emotion not felt in many circumstances." 

For Goldman, this often takes the form of donating to different organizations and foundations. However, as The Jerusalem Post notes, tzedakah also works on the principle that such giving should be done anonymously, which means that Goldman is less forthcoming about naming all the organizations to which he gives money. Still, he does highlight No Kid Left Hungry, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and Save A Child's Heart Foundation in the giving section of his website. He highlights these, though, with the option for us to donate with the observation that "Every time we give it makes us want to give more."