Coffee Drinkers Can Relate To This Hilarious Green Tea TikTok

Coffee lovers constantly hear how they should give up caffeine to become healthier, which is why a green tea TikTok caught some of them off guard. TikToker @Bearenger,  a health and wellness advocate, posted a funny TikTok about green tea on their account. The voiceover goes, "Good morning, everybody! Did you know if you replace your morning cup of coffee with a nice hot cup of green tea, that you can lose up to 87% ..." People were prepared to hear some scientific spiel about how coffee can increase the chance for dementia or heartburn, making it a poor choice to start the day with.

But 12 seconds in, followers got a whole "sike!" moment. The audio ends with, " ... that you can lose up to 87% of the little joy you have left in this life." Many people in the comments were proud coffee drinkers and agreed wholeheartedly with the video's message. One user, @dixiechick_23, even wrote, "I was so scared I was on the wrong side of TikTok," meaning they thought they were on the coffee-bashing side of the app. This comment got over 3,550 likes.

How this audio is taking the Internet by storm

Though this TikTok received 2.4 million likes, it wasn't the original video in this trend. The audio was created by @studiofitnessdiva, whose video also went viral on the app. The video's comment section was filled with avid coffee drinkers, with one user writing, "This video passed the vibe check." The audio took off quickly and has been used 5,529 times in content creators' videos, including popular lifestyle influencers' clips, like this one from @reeseandarchie.

While a cup of green tea contains a handful of health benefits, including protecting against cell damage and preventing stomach bugs, having your daily cup of coffee won't do as much harm as you might think. Green tea and coffee actually have similar levels of caffeine per cup, with green tea having anywhere between 12 milligrams of caffeine to 75 milligrams of caffeine, and coffee typically having between 62 milligrams of caffeine to 96 milligrams caffeine. So there's no need to give up your daily cup of joe. If it brings you joy, have it!