Funny TikTok Shows Turkey's Reaction To The Harsh Reality Of Thanksgiving

Although most of us don't give much thought to how turkeys feel about Thanksgiving, we still have our fair share of turkey reaction memes. You know, the ones about turkeys mourning their friends and family, or on the other end of the avian moral spectrum, turkeys trying to sacrifice their friends or family in their place (via Country Living).

All jokes aside, Americans gobble up about 46 million turkeys each Thanksgiving, according to Insider. What can we say? Turkeys provide more meat than chickens, they taste really good with gravy and stuffing, and, well, they're simply not as useful to keep around long-term like cows or chickens are.

That's not to say we don't love our feathered friends, or even that we can't have them as pets. Turkeys are actually very good with children (a situation where it doesn't hurt that turkeys are sturdier than chickens and other poultry), as well as affectionate and curious, says Pet Helper.

What the turkey doesn't know won't hurt him

One pet turkey went viral on TikTok after its owners posted a video on Thanksgiving Day. In the short clip, the pet turkey wanders through the house, stopping next to the open oven to gaze upon its contents. And of course, since it was Thanksgiving Day, the oven contained a golden-brown turkey that was seemingly cooked to perfection.

If you've ever wondered if turkeys could express emotion, this video surely has your answer. Looking very much taken aback, the pet turkey stared at the cooked bird, seeming to question its very existence for what felt like an eternity.

Only once the owners assured their pet, "It's okay, you don't know him," did he finally move on. But anyone can see by the look in this poor turkey's eyes that his life has been forever changed ... and perhaps not for the better. It could be that in this case at least, ignorance truly is bliss. Fortunately for viewers, the owners tagged the video with #pardoned, so we can rest assured our traumatized turkey friend won't be dinner next year.