Twitter Is Shocked By Violent McDonald's Fight Over Food Shortage

Patrons at one Atlanta area McDonald's drive-thru apparently feel very strongly about Splenda, as indicated in a disturbing video currently making the rounds on social media. Posted to Twitter by ATL Uncensored, the viral video shows a car in the drive-thru at a Locust Grove McDonald's. The customers apparently find out that the fast food chain doesn't have any Splenda in stock, and mayhem ensues. Warning: the video features graphic language and highly aggressive behavior that viewers may find upsetting.

The footage shows the driver and passenger screaming at the McDonald's employee. The passenger throws something at the drive-thru attendant, who then chucks beverages right onto the car. The chaos escalates as the driver gets out of the car, yelling profanities and threats at the employee. At some point the person enters the restaurant and acts like he's going to break down barriers with a chair. The passenger also tries to climb through the drive-thru window. All this over a condiment.

Public reaction to the McDonald's fracas

The video has social media in something of a state. Understandably, many people can't understand the behavior. "Folks got that much energy for McDonald's? Ain't nothing in there worth this," says user BlackMenAreHuman (via Twitter). Some people suggest the customers were under the influence of something other than an artificial sweetener while user D seems more concerned with the plight of the employees, writing, "I feel so bad for those girls just trying to do their job."

Still, others have tried to cut the tension with humor. "I get the same way when they tell me the milkshake machine is down," says Rambo's house, and Aldo Raine notes that this is how they want to act when McDonald's won't give them an extra ranch dressing packet for McNuggets. Kidding aside, the crime is being taken very seriously by local law enforcement, who identified the two suspects and issued warrants for their arrest (via 11 Alive). 'Tis the season to care way too much about sugar substitutes, apparently.