Dive Bar Lovers Will Flip For Miller High Life's Bizarre Gingerbread Kit

Christmas might be a dive bar lover's (DBL, for short) favorite season. Think about how great the Christmas lights always look in a dive bar! Or the way that proprietors always manage to make Christmas drink specials — usually involving Baileys or peppermint schnapps — that fill you with holiday cheer without taking all of your shopping money? Needless to say, DBLs around the world probably leapt for joy when Miller High Life announced its latest holiday endeavor, and you'll be delighted to hear that it's not fruit cake-flavored beer. Rather, the brewer has decided to add gingerbread construction to its resume this holiday season.

According to a press release from Miller High Life, "Gingerbread Dive Bar Kits" will be available for purchase on their website beginning on December 6, for $50 a kit. If you've ever talked to your buddies about going in on buying a dive bar one day, that price might put your pipe dreams back into the realm of possibility. Of course, the dive bar you construct from gingerbread walls probably won't be big enough to sit in with your pals, but you guys can always kick back with a couple of brews and admire your work as if you're a bunch of fairy tale giants... giants who just built the sweetest dive bar the world has ever known.

Edible bar stools and working lights make this dive extra sweet

Miller High Life has spared no expense for their gingerbread kits — plus, after a year of social distancing, a gingerbread dive bar might also be the safest bar to patronize this Christmas. Plus, the beer brand includes miniature, edible wall art and neon signs for your personal pub, including an entrance sign that you can customize to reflect your favorite local watering hole, especially if going there in person is not an option. The gingerbread walls are infused with Miller High Life itself for that beer-soaked bar smell, and the edible pool table comes with pretzel stick pool cues and balls made out of candy.

Because the weather is always perfect at your gingerbread dive bar, the gang at Miller have also included an outdoor pergola made from bar snacks, and a miniature select-o-matic jukebox for when the party starts to gets dance-y. Best of all? Maple syrup packets for the branded bar floor, so tiny gingerbread guests won't be denied the authentic dive bar experience of a sticky floor. The gingerbread kit also comes with real, working lights, which is probably more than we can say for your actual favorite dive bar. Trust us, if the DBL in your life is acting Scrooge-y lately, grab them a Miller High Life gingerbread kit and we're betting they'll turn it around faster than you can say "bar humbug."