Domino's New Crust Is Inspired By This Australian Comfort Food

A cheese toastie is a popular comfort food in Australia and the United Kingdom. The quick and delicious snack is very similar to an American grilled cheese. According to The Spruce Eats, the traditional recipe calls for nothing more than two slices of bread, butter, and cheddar cheese all grilled to perfection in a nonstick frying pan or toastie machine and sprinkled with a hint of salt and pepper to taste.

Of course, as is the case with any grilled cheese item, creative cooks can feel free to take their cheese toastie recipe to the next level by using a high-quality bread like brioche, mixing in an assortment of fancy, flavorful cheeses, and adding in whatever fillings they like best. And while the cheese toastie is popular food on its own in Australia, Domino's Australia has just come up with yet another reason to love the simple, savory snack with the launch of its new, limited-edition Cheese Toastie Crust.

Domino's Cheese Toastie Crust is 'an oozy slice of heaven'

Domino's Australia has just announced the release of the new Cheese Toastie Crust, which the pizza giant described in its press release as "an oozy slice of heaven ... with a generous sprinkle of Australian Cheddar Cheese right to the edge of the crust, giving you 'so much more to adore.'" The crispy crust accessory can be added to any Classic Base pizza crust for just an additional $2.50 AUS, or about $1.80 U.S. dollars, so fans can enjoy this extra crispy, cheesy addition with any kind of pizza toppings they like best.

The brand is so excited about this new combo product that it released a "love ballad" dedicated to the double indulgence. Performed by "David Novak of Australia's Polish Club and up-and-coming musical talent Natalie Conway," the track, "Cheese Toastie Crust Love" truly puts the "cheese" in cheesy love songs, with lyrics including "I'll always be in your heart/Even when they try to pull us apart/Who says that you can't put a price on what we have found/But for $2.50 more there's so much to adore when you are around." Get it? 

This new Cheese Toastie Crust pizza is a brilliant combination of two of the most delicious classic comfort foods, but it is available for a limited time only. We're guessing comfort food connoisseurs in Australia won't be waiting to get their hands on this tasty new release while they can.