Padma Lakshmi Uses This Cranberry Drink To Reset After The Holidays

Ah, the holiday season: a time of year that foodies like us look forward to with great anticipation. During Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve, and all the other holiday feasts in between, we always relish the opportunity to indulge in delicious foods such as turkey and other roasted meats, hearty side dishes like mashed potatoes and stuffing, and, of course, plenty of desserts, from pies to sugar cookies to peppermint bark.

Given all that we consume over the winter months — and trust us, it's worth it! — it's no surprise that when January and the end of the holiday season arrives, we're left feeling more than a little bloated and tired. No one among us is immune to the post-holiday blahs, not even Padma Lakshmi herself. According to Lakshmi's website, the cookbook author and "Top Chef" judge has enjoyed her fair share of rich foods over the years. She's developed a post-holiday detox drink that helps reset her system after all that celebratory food and booze, she told viewers in an Instagram video.

Cranberry juice, fiber powder, and green tea

It's a topic Padma Lakshmi knows so well that she actually invented a post-holiday detox drink to clear everything out. In an Instagram post sharing the recipe, which is based on unsweetened cranberry juice — hence her moniker for it, "Cranberry Drano" — Lakshmi explains why she came up with the beverage. "It clears all the pipes, it gets things moving, and it just kind of makes you feel purified," she says of her novel invention.

So what's in this wonder drink we need to add to our arsenal? It's ½ cup unsweetened cranberry juice, 1 tablespoon clear fiber powder, 1 packet of Vitamin C powder, 1 cup of hot green tea sweetened with 1 teaspoon of honey, all mixed together and served over a tall tumbler of ice (via Bravo). In her video, Lakshmi recommends drinking the tonic as quickly as possible: "This is not a cocktail or an Arnold Palmer," she notes before glugging it down. Happy detoxing, all!