What Starbucks Employees Wish You Knew About Cappuccinos

When it comes to making a cappuccino, you have to stay vigilant. If you don't froth your milk just right or forget to skim the froth from the top, you'll be left with a less-than-perfect final product, per Cookist. Additionally, you want to make sure your cappuccinos start with a substantial amount of milk that makes up about a third of the drink (via illy). These finer points sometimes get lost on cafe-goers and occasionally their mistakes end up on Reddit.

One Redditor recently posted a Starbucks review to r/starbucks. The scathing review read, "Normally, they're pretty good, but today I ordered a cappuccino on the mobile app and by the time I picked it up, most of the foam had evaporated and I was left with less than half a cup of coffee. I mentioned it to the staff and they quickly remade it." Still, the person was given less than a half a cup of coffee, which was made up primarily of foam. 

"I don't need a cup of foam to start my day! Especially with the price that I pay! Although she seemed very irritated, she offered to make it a third time but I didn't have the patience to stay while she remade it yet again!! I can't drink a cup of foam!" the review continued.

A confidently wrong take on cappuccino

Starbucks employees and coffee fans in the comment section immediately laid into the review. Replies like, "What do they think a cappuccino is? I understand not everyone is educated on coffee but why do people order things without knowing what it consists of?" and "Another case of when you dont know anything about different types of coffee. Also as a barista I would not have the patience to remake it 3 times I'd just tell her that cappuccinos are supposed to be 33% foam (feel light to pick up)" (via Reddit). Others didn't realize the error and chimed in with, "Omg I feel so bad, I did this before! I asked them to remake it cause I didn't like so much foam. They patiently explained what a cappuccino actually is and I was so embarrassed! I legit thought it was just a thin little bit of foam on top. They were so nice about it though!" and "Before I worked at Starbucks, that's what I thought cappuccinos were."

One comment summed up the entire sentiment: "I get this problem a lot. So many people assume that's what they're getting." Next time you go to your favorite café and order a cappuccino, make sure you know what you're ordering and avoid posting a negative review about a properly made drink.