Martha Stewart's Graphic Restaurant Pic Has Instagram Divided

"If you are looking for good food," posted Martha Stewart on her Instagram page on Tuesday, then a visit to the "lively and delicious" Miami restaurant, Komodo, is "definitely worth your time." As Stewart raved, "Every bite and every sip, was delicious." 

Komodo describes itself as "Southeast Asian cuisine and cocktails," and from its Instagram page, the eatery would also appear to be a feast for the eyes, with the multiplicity of hues that go with Asian-fusion cuisine — not to mention the gorgeous customers smiling seductively into their colorful cocktails. Stewart, herself, took photos when she visited Komodo, and she used a number of them to accompany her glowing recommendation. And this is where things got a bit sticky.

Stewart's photos showed a variety of the restaurant's lovely menu items, including two photos of the Peking duck. And by that we don't mean Peking duck, plated, but rather a long rotisserie skewer on which upwards of a dozen barbecued ducks awaited their plating. Now, if you're a Peking duck fan, the golden-orange hue of the barbecued birds alone may have you salivating. If you follow a vegan diet, on the other hand, you might want to skip Stewart's post altogether. In any event, it certainly has Instagram divided. Let's unpack this, shall we?

Vegans were not pleased with Martha's pics

Clearly, Martha Stewart's pics from her visit to Miami's Komodo restaurant have Instagram divided. On the one hand, there were the thousands of likes the photos garnered on Instagram, not to mention positive comments like: "These looks so good and I'm sure they taste great too" and "This is the best duck in the world." On the other hand, there were many who registered their disapproval.

"I see dead bodies," wrote one follower, along with several "aghast" emoji faces. 

"Martha, I need a damn warning if you're going to post dead birds dangling like that," wrote another. 

"There is nothing appetizing about a bunch of dead hanging carcasses," ranted a follower.

"We need to be transitioning into a plant-based world," another offered.

Ultimately, perhaps the most salient point of all was made by a follower who posed the question: "Why do so many vegans follow this account, knowing Martha is not a vegan, and then holding her to a vegan standard?" They also went on to point out that despite her meat-eating, Martha has "lived a long and fruitful life" and asked that she be left alone to "post what she wants in peace."