Whatever Happened To McDonald's Chicken Fajitas?

Back in 1955, McDonald's opened its doors for the first time. Founders Richard and Maurice McDonald couldn't have predicted the fast-food chain's seemingly everlasting growth. According to the company's website, there are now over 36,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries. And through the years, the chain has experimented with plenty of menu options — some great, and some not.

From the McFlurry to the McNugget, McDonald's has a way of branding everything it produces to make it unique to Mickey D's. Even those who want their food delivered will have to choose the "McDelivery" option on the restaurant's website. Still, not everything McDonald's introduces becomes an instant winner. Plenty of menu items have gone in and out of fashion over the past seven decades. For example, McDonald's once tried its hand at Mexican food, introducing both a fajita and a burrito. But like many trends from the 1990s, they didn't last.

McDonald's chicken fajitas didn't work out

Some McDonald's staples have lasted for years, such as the Big Mac. Other menu items, however, have been relatively short-lived. Enter the chain's chicken fajitas, which first found their place on the fast-food menu in 1993. According to Eat This, Not That!, the fajitas were relatively basic and included only chicken, cheese, peppers, and onions. McDonald's even developed a slogan for the dish, referring to it as "a taste of Mexico ... without the sunburn."

It's unclear why McDonald's fajitas were discontinued, but they didn't last long on the menu. Along with plenty of other items, their time on the drive-thru board was short, but Eat This, Not That! reports that plenty of people still think about the spicy snack. The fajitas still have somewhat of a following on Facebook, and there was even once a petition to bring them back. However, McDonald's doesn't appear to be in a rush to re-introduce them to the menu, though the chain never explained why it removed them in the first place.