This Amazon Delivery Cranberry Disaster Feels Like A Hallmark Movie

Let's admit it: Amazon has been a godsend for many thanks to its delivery services, which allow customers to get everything they need at their doorstep. Amazon even launched Amazon Fresh in the hope that its shoppers will get easy access to the groceries and food items that they need in much the same manner. According to Business Insider, the Amazon service has all the grocery essentials that customers would find in their local supermarkets, such as meat, fruits, vegetables, canned food items, and more. 

Of course, Amazon does pretty well in terms of delivery overall. However, hiccups are inevitable, troubling even the most experienced drivers as they try to get packages from shipping centers to your front door. Things got out of hand recently when an Amazon driver became stuck in Duxbury, Massachusetts. According to, the culprits for this mishap were rather unexpected: GPS and a cranberry bog.

This isn't the first time cranberry mishaps have happened

As reported by, one Amazon driver got confused when he was taking a turn and ended up in a ditch right next to a cranberry bog on November 28. The driver left the truck to find help and, hopefully, a tow truck.

Police officials got to the location before the driver, however, where they got to work and extracted the van from the ditch. As Deputy Chief Michael Carbone said in a statement, "Believe it or not, the van wasn't damaged and the driver drove the van away." He added that GPS navigation in the area has been troublesome before, landing others in a similar situation. 

Social media soon made quick work of the situation. As one Twitter user commented, "That poor driver was berried in work." Another simply wrote, "Dear Bog!" And according to another user, local residents have spotted several Amazon trucks struggling after getting stuck in the cranberry bog.